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    Modern Warfare 2019 Campaign- Leaves/Foliage flickering rapidly like physics are broken (Any COD Gurus know a fix?)

    Thought I'd buy MW 2019 on Battlenet to play through this weekend as it's currently on sale. - I'm on the latest drivers 526.98 - Haven't had any graphical issues in the past in games and don't have any issues with my other installed games - Temperatures are excellent - No BSODS or system...
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    Steam Autumn Sale: games recommendations?

    What types of games are you into? Give a few examples of you're favourite game genres/tags and you'll get a lot more recommendations.
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    What are you playing?

    Also wishlisted Pentiment. Hadn't heard of it and it is definitely my type of game. Choices matter, with a unique art style and approach. Thanks @SN2716057
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    5700X too much for Vetroo V5?

    Speaking as someone who has those two exact parts, it's absolutely enough cooling. The 5700X runs so cool it's ridiculous and because I game at 4k, I even run eco mode and the CPU is still powerful enough with my 3080 12Gb doing the heavy lifting in 95% of the games I play. I'm guessing it may...
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    What are you playing?

    :) I was laughing because I know I've done a similar thing in the past, can't remember what game (possibly oblivion?)
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors Get their First Round of Price Cuts, 7950X at $574

    I'm purely a gamer, going by my current Steam backlog I don't have to update any hardware for the rest of my lifetime :laugh: I'll probably get around to playing Cyberpunk 2077 in 2077. (Might be bug free by then)
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    What are you playing?

    Getting in the Christmas spirit early, playing Miles Morales and loving it. A fun experience :) Also been mixing in a bit of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 Remastered (They finally came out Thursday on Steam) when I need a maximum pew pew pew fix.
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    My i9-10900k Just dropped 10c of overall tempreture overnight.

    Pissed off your GF or wife? The air turns decidedly frosty in my house if I upset 'The boss'. Easily drops a good 10c at least. I use it to my advantage when benching...
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    NVIDIA Plans GeForce RTX 4060 Launch for Summer 2023, Performance Rivaling RTX 3070

    Oh I'm sure they will cover it..... 4060 Ti, 4060 Super, 4060 Super Duper, 4060 Super Duper(No really, it's great edition) + 2gb more Vram etc.....
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    A Memorial to Kreij - Gone 8 years but never forgotten- check out the latest build(s)

    Miss you buddy, such a kind soul. Love all the work you guys do to remember one of TPU's valued members from yesteryear. Which reminds me, must do another game giveaway soon. Always smile when I fire up one of these games again, here's to you Dean :toast:
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Now Available, Starting $1200

    You don't look very hard then do you.
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gets a FREE next-gen update on December 14th!

    And I'm still yet to play Witcher 2, let alone 3. Thank you backlog :)
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    RX 470 FPS drop

    In Dying Light, try alt-tabbing out of the game and then back in...see if GPU usage is fixed. Also, your card does not look powerful enough to maintain vsync, do you have a freesync monitor? I would turn vsync off personally, regardless of tearing, and see how it fares then.
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    Remedy Entertainment Signs a Co-Development and Co-Publishing Agreement With 505 Games for Control 2

    :laugh: Yeh, I love the whole 'subjective' argument thing when it comes up. In 1982, E.T. on the Atari was fantastic...subjectively....to one small kid somewhere who never got out much. In reality ... Most copies ended up in a burial site.