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    I-O Data Intros WiFi-enabled Card Reader

    Agreed. This could be very handy to use with my Nexus 7.
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    Ubisoft Uplay Rootkit

    Thanks Crap Daddy, ya' beat me to it...:toast:
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    Ubisoft Uplay Rootkit

    Theres one more thing you can add to malware... Won't (or can't easily) uninstall. Which is true of this particular piece of malware.
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    Ubisoft Uplay Rootkit

    I don't know much about IE, but in Firefox I checked tools/Add-ons/Plugins, and sure enough there are two, UPlay PC and UPlay PC Hub Plugin . Uninstalling the game (in my case Silent Hunter5) won't remove the plugins.
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    Ubisoft Uplay Rootkit

    If your playing a Ubisoft title that has Uplay chances are good that your machine has been rooted! More HERE :eek:
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    ViewSonic's New VA12 Value Series Displays Deliver Style and Substance

    Don't hold your breath... It's an all too common practice, and not unique to consumer electronics. ;)
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    What should my next upgrade be?

    How about a nice SSD? The biggest bottleneck in overall system performance is the amount of time it takes to pull data from the HDD... Just a thought. ;)
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    Advice on my new Aesthetics's buy.....

    Blue, green, and black... What's not to like. I don't have any personal experience with Primochill UV tubing so I can't comment on it. I take it you're planning on sleeving each individual wire? Take plenty of pictures, label the plugs, and number the wires, and shrink tube is a lot easier to do...
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    8120 stock at 39idle 60load

    Good to see that you got everything sorted out. :)
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    Impression of windows 8 so far.

    My impression of Windows 8 so far?... Do I need to say more? :p
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    8120 stock at 39idle 60load

    Well a hairdryer isn't a cpu, so I don't know how well your results are going to translate, and I'm no real expert on the subject anyway. For all I know your Cooler Master heatsink will be just fine. Keep in mind however that the FX cpu's are hotplates, and as Mathragh has said they can get a...
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    8120 stock at 39idle 60load

    Yup, I even tried some different brands as well. But I was able to get the situation sorted out.
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    8120 stock at 39idle 60load

    Well Initially it had me in a quandary until I pulled out the engineers square and checked the bases of my heatsinks. The Cooler Master was okay, but the OEM heatsink was warped. I then tried the 212evo with a different cpu (a 95W Athlon II x3), and it preformed just fine at normal settings for...
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    8120 stock at 39idle 60load

    When I had the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo on my 8150 I was having to under volt the cpu and drop the multiplier to keep it from frying to a crisp.