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    Scythe Announces Kro Craft Rev. B Speakers

    You can always get your DISCO-OMGWTF speakers for the same price, but for pure volume these speakers are'nt designed for that. The usual Trust 2.1 speakerset lack true bass from such a small subwoofer, they cannot really go loud without distorted noise or bass.
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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    Where else is a website that sums up all the important hardware news ? :) Reviews on Techpowerup are by far the most advanced ones with clear information on a decent or less 'good' product. The Videocard reviews area is proberly the best part of the whole website. The community is also...
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    AVG Update Cripples Windows

    Making your OS completely cripple is just a bad thing.
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    VisionTek Announces Killer 2100 HD 5770 Combo Graphics-Network Card

    These cards basicly do traffic shaping, traffic control and QoS :) this makes your latency in games a little lower then a normal Nic card, but it cannot lower your physical ping from your modem towards your end point. I think TPU and Tomshardware tested this card out, its more something fancy on...
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    New Asetek Liquid CPU Coolers Support PCs with 92 mm Fans

    It should be possible to use a extender from 120mm to 92mm. It is still possible to use your fancy 120mm fan but with a airduct!
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    Silicon Power Announces Ultra-Fast E20 Solid State Drive

    I think they menth the becoming smaller difference for the read & write speeds for not being synced (Or far from between). Usual SSD's come with 150MB Read / 80MB write, this makes the gap between these speeds a lil smaller, and yes the marketing engine tjooking along.
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    PowerColor Readies First Passive-Cooled HD 6850 Graphics Card

    Combined with a nice airflow in your case this is an ideal card.
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    Zambezi AM3+ Core Logic Slated for Q2-2011

    I cannot even use 6 USB slots at the same time, why implement up to 14 USB slots? :confused: Too bad this is'nt backwards compatible to enjoy the latest chipset features on a older generation of processors, but makes moving on into new CPU's alot easyer.
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    Gainward GeForce GTX 460 SE 1 GB

    Nice, i consider this as a release to put out the handicapped cores. Geforce 2 MX vs Geforce 2 GTS story.
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    NVIDIA Readying Dual-GF110 Graphics Accelerator, Eying Total Performance Leadership

    But its not true with GPU's. AMD / Ati has chosen to develop really tight GPU's with lesser power consumption, but lower developing-costs. Nvidia makes GPU's which are larger, tougher to make and having problems with TSMC making good wafles of chips lol. I'd prefer a chip with less power...
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    Disable GeForce GTX 580 Power Throttling using GPU-Z

    So basicly the card is capped at a certain level of power usage, but will it increase performance in furmark as soon as this trigger is being set off? Or is just just abnormal power usage by the VRM's to protect them from burning out ? A few GTX's where also reported with fried VRM's using...
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    Component Shortage Holding Back Radeon HD 6900 Series

    I'd rather have high end components on a videocard and have it delayed instead of putting B-quality components to reach the release date...
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    PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+ 1 GB

    I guess its a review default, where some options really need to be filled in. But nice review man :) Thumbs up.
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    dead hard disk

    The disk is damaged, period. You can eitherway try to find sollutions to recover the data or claim your warranty at seagate.
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    HIS Radeon HD 6870 Turbo 1 GB

    Then why even with overclock not pas the 1230MHz on the memory ... Great review tho Wizzard.