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    x58 unknown motherboard

    Thanks for all tne buzz. Was poking around on ebay and noted that 920 sell for next to nothing so i wondered for a bit. :D
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    x58 unknown motherboard

    Hello guys, Do any of have any info regarding this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Intel-X58-Computer-ATX-Motherboard-ATX-LGA-1366-Socket-B-8-USB-DDR3-Black-/131739586756?hash=item1eac4a90c4:g:HjMAAOSwPc9W1FI8 Anything, brand if possible. It seems very suspicious to me that's not printed onto the...
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    Video Memory > Ram

    Thats all the proof I need :D
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    Video Memory > Ram

    Basically, what the title says. I have the system specified in the specs and have bought a GTX 750 Ti with 2gb memory. I am waiting on some 8GB sticks to be delivered now. My question is, what would happen if i installed the 2gb video card with only 2gb of Ram? There would no be adressing...
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    Windows 8 Discussion.

    He is half right. Only the cycle is wrong Win 3.1 :shadedshu Win 95 :) Win 98 1st Edition :shadedshu Win 98 2nd Edition :) Win ME :shadedshu Win XP :) Win Vista :shadedshu Win 7 :) Win 8 :shadedshu
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    Motorola Wins Sales Injunction in Germany Against Windows 7 and Xbox 360

    Am i the only person who's getting tired of these patent infringement wars going on between every member of the IT industry?
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    Toshiba Asks: What Would You Do Without NAND Flash Technology?

    So, I got to go back to listen music available only on vinyls, read text on paper, play RPG on a desk and call using a landline phone? I can live with that. In fact, I WOULD make the swap for that.
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    Uruguay is First Country to Get New Model XO Laptop

    Basically. But hey, it has "ears" :laugh: Change children for everyone and rural for urban. That's not the problem. The problem here is getting the teachers to actually teach and prevent the roofs from the schools from falling on the students. It's for children, so... Why it shouldn't...
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    Gamers and Publishers Worldwide Log On to Origin

    WOW. 9 Million Users... Of course, if you forget the ones that already had an EA Store account, those who were, literally forced because of BF3 and upcoming ME3 and those who, like me, only technically have an Origin account for playing one of the EA free MMO (Need for speed World in my case)...
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    Why Big Media Really Shut Down MegaUpload: To Kill The Competition

    To quote an good, ol' game. "Corporations have more power than the governments".
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    That Dodgy Intel Ivy Bridge DX11 'demo' at CES 2012

    VLC popup??? Didn't they planned, i mean, A BIT MORE :laugh:
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    NSS Labs Accuses Google of Undertaking Campaign to Knock Firefox Off The Market

    Companies with "LOADS O MONEY" are known to do this. You can attract a new customer by either, making an appealing product, or destroying the appeal of the alternatives. Still, that Chrome is actually a cost-saving measure for Google surprised me as i haven't considered that point of view.
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    Is downloading and playing the leaked Crysis 2 legal?

    You've just launched my modesty to the skies. :). And yes, piracy is the LEAST of our problems by far (which happens when your country is being govern by as******. Still, from an OBJECTIVE point of view, yes, i consider it illegal, just for the record.
  14. LittleLizard

    Is downloading and playing the leaked Crysis 2 legal?

    Things here in Uruguay are at least weird in piracy. I say it's illegal but EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY DOWNLOADS GAMES/MUSIC/MOVIES/OS/ETC illegally (even me sometimes [please dont ban me :( ], so nobody cares. I'm trying to mend myself (buying games off steam & GOG) but piracy here is...