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    BIOSTAR Announces Racing B660GTN Motherboard

    Actually starting to look good! Might give Biostar a shot for my next mobo as Gigabyte, Asus and MSI all let me down in one way or another. Can't find that unbelievable price point tho, let's see if we can trust Biostar once it's available.
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    EVGA Unveils the X12 Gaming Mouse

    Here are the specs because EVGA apparently likes to leave out the important details... , why say "light-weight" and not give us the exact weight for us to decide on our own ? : Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Sensor System Main Sensor Type: PIXART 3389 Optical Sensor Secondary Sensor Type: Optical...
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    Cougar Rolls Out the Forza 85 CPU Cooler

    Ugh, why not under 155mm... does anybody know if the heatpipes need to have so much space until they go into the cooler? They already gave it a low profile mounting system (the low screws leave a lot of space to push everything down...), why not make it compatible with more ITX cases -.-! 100%...
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    FSP Group Launches the World's First SFX 12VO 750W Power Supply

    Oh wow, I can't believe I mixed those up, you are right - it's just a 4-Pin-12V input... Now I feel like an idiot :D but thanks for clarifying!
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    FSP Group Launches the World's First SFX 12VO 750W Power Supply

    Finally... I would have needed this for a small server build a year ago, as Asrock has been manufacturing server boards with the new standard for a while now... currently using the ugly, huge adapter.
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    TechPowerUp NVCleanstall v1.12.0 Released

    As much as people hate on Nvidia, you have to give them props for making the driver modular like that, in a way that is even accesible to a "non-technological" person. The folders have names of what is actually inside of them! And the installer doesn't quit on you when a folder is missing! This...
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    CORSAIR Launches New Custom CPU Water Blocks, Compatible with LGA1700

    Hey, this one was in the survey, wasnt it ? :D
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    ADATA XPG HEADSHOT Mouse and GENESIS DDR5 Memory Win Prestigious Good Design Award

    Actually the idea is quite interesting: 4D printing - Wikipedia Especially the part where materials assemble themselves like a transformer.
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    TechPowerUp Custom Water Cooling Survey and $1000 CORSAIR Giveaway

    Hahaha that is a very creative way to cope, made me laugh! I like this idea :p Cool loop and dope GPU block! That's my problem, I want something like an affordable, adjustable fitting with a soft tube inside. Only without the tube, something you can buy separately and just attach to the...
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    TechPowerUp Custom Water Cooling Survey and $1000 CORSAIR Giveaway

    I'd like to add one more selectable reason for not building a custom watercooled build - fear of perfectionism. The fear of not perfectly bending the tubes and having to make everything look proportional. If Corsair could come up with something to overcome that, I'd gladly give it a shot. You...
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    Corsair Shows Off Vengeance DDR5 Memory Module Design

    While these look good, they are certainly easier to manufacture, consdering inside of ribbed metal, it's now flat with stuff printed on it... I atleast expect better thermal pads or a higher quality material used for these heatspreaders.
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Moonlight White Gaming Peripherals

    Those keycaps on silver aluminum look fantastic, I must say. I wish ASUS made a "superlight" wireless ergo to complement the nice keyboard.
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    EKSA Rolls-Out The E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming & Music Headset

    Is this an actual open back wireless headphone/set ?? Or just decoration? I am waiting for the day this unicorn combo comes alive.
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    Corsair Announces SABRE RGB PRO WIRELESS Gaming Mouse

    The most important spec besides weight - dimensions - missing. And the page for the mouse on their website doesn't load: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Mice/Wireless-Gaming-Mice/SABRE-RGB-PRO-WIRELESS-CHAMPION-SERIES-Ultra-Lightweight-FPS-MOBA-Gaming-Mouse/p/CH-9313211-NA#
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    Cooler Master Launches The NR200P MAX SFF Solution

    Are you kidding? You realize the cost and time saving of a pre-installed, pre-routed 850W SFF PSU + 280MM AIO ?? As a beginner, you'd easily save 2 hours build time - not factored in the time spent researching and buying the individual components.