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    Asetek Allowed US Patent Claims on Graphics Liquid Cooling

    Is this a patent on GPU waterblocks or on AIO GPU watercooling kits? Normally I'm not in favour of patents, and I still think this is lame, but considering the fact that Asetek are pretty much the only people making AIO GPU watercoolers I don't think it's a problem. Unless of course, this...
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    AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.5 Now Available, Brings More Fixes

    Wow. This sounds like one of those countdowns people do to pretend like there's some imminent threat. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 9.75, 9.9, 9.95.
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    Next Generation USB Connection Definition Underway

    This better be a couple times sturdier than the current revision of microUSB. I've had three chargers that stopped working, total BS.
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    Dell Launches 24-inch Ultra HD Monitor, Preps 28-inch Model

    Except that Dell hasn't been private for that long and any significant decisions like this were probably taken before any really significant changes are made in the company.
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    Scythe Introduces the Kotetsu CPU Cooler

    Nice. Some more great competition for the 212
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    Tesoro Technology Introduces the Lobera Supreme and Lobera Gaming Keyboards

    That's a pretty good price for a mechanical keyboard. Does anyone know about availability in Europe(which countries)?
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    NVIDIA Announces Market Availability of GeForce GTX 780 Ti

    Something like 10% more than a 290x for a 27% higher price 1-2 db quieter. 10c cooler. Keep in mind NV has an expensive/better quality stock cooler compared to AMDs so the non-reference models should give bigger boosts on 290x than on 780ti, and they'll only be like $0-$50 more expensive.
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    NVIDIA Announces Market Availability of GeForce GTX 780 Ti

    While it's not a full modular system, the accelero hybrid is something like 100-150
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    Mushkin Sells Out of Scorpion Deluxe for 2nd Month in a Row

    All the former queens of England just rolled in their graves.
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    COUGAR Updates CMX Series of Modular Gaming PSUs

    Wow, people will really put the 'gamer'/'gaming' tag on just about anything nowadays. I bet that soon enough someone's going to sell a 'gaming' external HDD.
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    Introducing the All New Mac Pro-The Most Radical Mac Ever

    This would stick out like a sore thumb from any other apple products, I don't understand why they'd use a black colour scheme. I guess their standard grey/ white aluminium may make it look like a trash can, but that's what happens when your product is, well, in the shape of a trash can
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    Xi3 Taps "Black Friday" as General Availability Date for its PISTON Console

    And they're going to sell this extremely overpriced PC with the best weapons ever, buzzwords, big numbers and hypotheticals. Just an APU? Nope, it's a quad core x86-64 with 384 graphics cores, big numbers means big performance you see. A slot for up to 1TB of SSD storage(which is not...
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    Micron Technology Ships First Samples of Hybrid Memory Cube

    Man, DDR4 might be obsolete soon if HMC is really as fast as they claimed. Either DDR4 is going to get really cheap or it'll just be phased out by 2016.
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    Phobya Launches Black Owl Premium Watercooling Case

    It's a crazy high price, but it is aluminium. More than twice as light as a steel case of the same size. IDK if it justifies the price but it'll make moving the thing around a lot easier.
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    Aerocool Launching GT-R Midi-Tower for Ambitious Gamers

    The only thing I can think whenever I see one of Aerocools cases is 'RICE RICE RICE'. Not to mention their cheap marketing.