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    ATI Catalyst 9.10 WHQL Released

    Severe flickering no longer observed while running 3D games/samples on specific HDMI displays with configurations using ATI CrossFireX technology in tri and quad modes is this microstuttering ?
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat SCREENS!

    is it me or are those shots full of 'jaggies' , it looks nice but looks like it needs some AA
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    AMD Cypress Graphics Accelerator Pictured

    i think i'll stick with my 4870x2 for now , as for looks , who cares as long as it performs , personally i'd like to take all the cooling off and run it on water , then overclock it
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    Gtx 275 Vs 2010

    I've heard windows 7 64 bit is very buggy at the moment with driver and such, whats your opinion on this ?
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    Gtx 275 Vs 2010

    i run vista 64 ultimate , i went from xp home , i have 4 GB of ram , it just feels generally nippier , its a good os , it got a bad press when it was released but that was ages ago , a lot of people slate it because everyone else did i have a copy of ubuntu in my drawer that i got at the same...
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    Intel Updates Mainstream, Performance, and Extreme CPU Roadmap

    core i7 are not much faster than core2 in games, so how can these possibly be much better ? my e8500@4ghz is better than i7@stock in a lot of games so im happy for a while yet , cpu progress seams to have slowed down , as for the hexacore chip im sure that would be great if it was programed for...
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    burnout paradise "wrecked" :-(

    paradise for pc is a good game , loads of content, it is just different to the crash style of old , my personal fav was "take down" on ps2
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    Gtx 275 Vs 2010

    i play all the games i want to play but any games i cant run maxed out i put to one side until my next upgrade sometimes it means im playing games 3 years later and i have to be patient , what i mean is in 2010 there will be games that run really good on your computer , play all these ones first...
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    720BE or E8400?!

    sorry, your question is what is the best , for what ? , i use my pc as a games machine and i run an e8500@4Ghz, it will play any game out there , however if i was starting from scratch today and i wanted a general pc i would go amd route, tri or quad core the seem to be much better value , be...
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    AMD Silently Intros 95W Phenom II X4 945

    should these offer better overclocks?
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    Early Intel LGA-1156 Quad-Core SKUs Surface

    I think moores law is " the number of transistors will double every 18 months" which i dont think we are seeing any more . Also i thought it was called i7 , i for intel and 7 for 7th generation , i remember reading this around december when i7 was new , feel free to correct me , cheers
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    Is it just me or is the E8400 still one hell of a performer?

    i have yet to find a game i cant run on full settings , although im sure gta4 will work this cpu , i use an e8500 @ 4Ghz , ive actually seen some tables where in certain games the i7-920 @ stock is slower than the e8500 @ stock , make of that what you will , but it makes sense if the game isnt...
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    NEW RIDE! e8500 + DFI UT P45 T3RS + 4870x2

    hi , i am very impressed with what you have done, i got mine to 4.2 but it crashed now at 4Ghz stable i might try again one day how are your temps ?
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    Need a recommendation: Is there anything interesting to play nowadays ?

    just completed max payne 2 , short but very good , even by todays standards, i'm playing fully modded resident evil 4 with control pad - very good although a bad port apparently , the texture mods sort this out , the witcher EE - very good oblivion lost is a must, also did you play dark...
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    Sony Patents PS2 Emulation Software for PS3

    i think there are a lot of ps2 owners out there yet to make the jump to this current gen, this (emulation)and gran turismo could prove a winner for sony