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    AMD Trims Prices of Current-gen Ryzen Processors

    Interesting, no Ryzen 5 1600 on that list
  2. Loosenut

    Nimbus Data Launches Their 100TB ExaDrive DC100 SSD

    2 kidneys and the left testy... Can you imagine the ROI for a Burst miner on this?
  3. Loosenut

    Grand Theft PC: Thieves Made Away with 600 Cryptomining Computers

    Shouldn't be too hard to stay off the electrical grid with a few generators
  4. Loosenut

    Newegg Repents for Overpricing AMD APUs by Partially Refunding Customers

    Loll, Newegg Canada has them listed at $209.99 CAD and at current exchange rate comes to $168.05 USD. :rockout:
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    Came in here after reading the title. So glad this game isn't based on the movie... ;) On topic, I'll be keeping my eye on this one, looks interesting
  6. Loosenut

    Samsung Reveals 860 Pro 4TB SSD on its Website Listing

    4 for me :shadedshu:
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    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    As someone we all know and love once said: "Hookers and blow" ;) On topic, thanks to all for the black hole explanation. I'll sleep better now knowing I won't get sucked into a black hole anytime soon. At least, not by that reactor anyways...
  8. Loosenut

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    My biggest worry is if this thing implodes and creates a microscopic black hole
  9. Loosenut

    Looking to buy

    I agree, reference cards use better components but have crappier cooling. EK now usually only make water blocks for reference cards so for me that's a plus
  10. Loosenut

    AIM is dead, what to use third monitor for?

    I use my extra monitor for monitoring software while I play games on my main one
  11. Loosenut

    URGENT PSA: Destiny 2: autobans

    If OBS causes this issue, a lot of Twitch streamers are going to be pissed...
  12. Loosenut

    Thrustmaster Launches the T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo Joysticks

    Ask my ex, the b*tch...
  13. Loosenut

    Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, the Return of an Icon

    Ahhh, the memories... I'll be getting one also
  14. Loosenut

    Samsung PM971 NVMe SSD Surfaces

    That is how I understood it also