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    Ryzen 3000 motherboards for Biostar

    Besides MSI and Asus, looks like Biostar also has a list leaked. B350ET2 B350GT3 B350GT5 B350GTN B450GT3 X370GT3 X370GT5 X370GT7 X370GTN X470GT8 X470GTN A320MD PRO A320MH PRO TA320-BTC TB350-BTC A320MY-Q7 A320MH B45M2 B450MHC B450MH Hi-Fi B350S1
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    BIOSTAR Introduces Edge Computing Solution with SoC Motherboard -A10N-8800E

    Interesting board that keeps things to a minimal, should be good for basic functions
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    Cooler Master Unveils the C700P Carbon Chassis

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    CoolerMaster Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition

    Funny how no one suggested RGB fans
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    So the new RTX cards have been released with reviews...

    Errrrr...whats the cheapest you can get these for?
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    BIOSTAR Presents Professional Crypto Mining Motherboards with TB360-BTC Expert and TB360-BTC PRO

    It is impressive how 17 GPUs can run off the same board
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    best Threadripper mobo under 100USD?

    contradicting idea, go cheap on motherboard on expensive CPU...question is what is your overall budget and what are you trying to do?
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    Would anyone be tempted by a Ryzen 1700X for £150???

    Nothing wrong with 1700X if you are not going ballistics on your computer
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    CaseLabs Withers Away After Losing PR Battle to Thermaltake

    It's sad to see them go, they had some good ideas, but it came down to having a business model that works.
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    Low End MB & RGB rams

    Aura sync is not bad, but you can also use RGB controller to do the job too, then you don't need to rely on the motherboard.
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    Acer Raising its Own Gaming Peripherals Brand

    if thats the case, the entire line should be gone
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    Acer Raising its Own Gaming Peripherals Brand

    Why not just brand it under Predator?
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    Post your Final Fantasy XV Benchmark Results

    Might be a stupid question, but how does this benchmark differ from 3Dmark?
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    BIOSTAR Introduces H310MHC Entry-level Motherboard

    Pretty much every H310 board listed on Newegg says its compatible with 8th gen i7. Like someone mentioned, need a reviewer to test it, I am very curious now.