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    Question about psu rails

    Isn't the max current divided by 2? Just thinking in case of a short circuit, it will be safer? (less energy involved) EDIT: I just came across this article. That's a lot of energy! OT: I bought a used Corsair RM1000i, and I believe it has a switch for selecting multi/single rail operation...
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    1080 Ti FTW3 Voltage question.

    I'm sure it is fine with decent water cooling. I threw it in for those tempted to try it on air :)
  3. lsevald

    1080 Ti FTW3 Voltage question.

    Is it the xoc BIOS with no power limit? If it is, keep in mind that instead of throttling down clocks and volts, it keeps clocks as is, and increase voltage when heat usually would cause it to drop a clock bin. So it tries to combat possible instability at a certain temp/clock level by throwing...
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    Is 650-750W enough

  5. lsevald

    Ryzen 3000 listed online early on russian site.

    8 physical cores or more makes the most sense to me since we have had 8 separate running threads available in our gaming computers for many years now. Thinking developers might target that number when they need as many cores as possible for say High or Ultra quality in a game. If there is a...
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    GPU Crashes, fans 100%

    I believe a 8 pin pcie power cable consists of: 3xGND wires 1xGND Sense wire 3x+12V wires 1x+12V sense wire 1 molex consits of: 1x+5V wire 2xGND wires 1x+12V wire And the molex to 8pin pcie adapters I have seen only use 2 molex's. So you might get enough GND, but only 2x+12V wires from the...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark

    i7-4770K @ 4.4GHz + palit 1080ti@2012/1447 (wc, 140% powerlimit, 1.093Vgpu)
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    Unable to see RTX options in Battlefield V

    DX12 selected in game?