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    Best tools to stress test undervolting

    I got no experience with laptops, but an often overlooked issue with oc/undervolting is stability at idle, or rather when the CPU switches between idle and active state. I don't know how many times I've been happy with x hours of prime95 stability, only to get a BSOD/freeze when starting Chrome...
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    MasterCd Rom cable...?

    Yes, carefully wiggle 'em out, just pull straight out on the cable itself, always worked for me. Master is on the end connector while the other (if present) is slave, jumpers must be set on the device correspondingly.
  3. lsevald

    DPC Latency Caused by Nvidia Drivers

    Are the spikes still caused by the nvidia drivers? Also, LatencyMon from http://www.resplendence.com/downloads might be better suited for investigating the cause of these spikes, as you get more detailed reporting. EDIT: Here's mine before/after locking GPU clocks:
  4. lsevald

    DPC Latency Caused by Nvidia Drivers

    Also, while in normal 2d desktop, your GPU probably clocks down (my 1080ti idles at only 139/405), which at least for me, makes my card a bit more unresponsive. When testing DPC Latency for gaming purposes in 2d desktop mode, I always lock the GPU clocks in MSI Afterburner; go to curve mode...
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    Need help with 3900x getting to 1867 IF clock

    Yes, I feel that the angle of that tom's article was a bit "artificially constructed", as they probably weren't at the limit of what their RAM could do with 2x8, but instead chose speeds and timings that would work for both 2x8 and 4x8 to isolate rank interleave performance benefits. But going...
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    Need help with 3900x getting to 1867 IF clock

    You could also go with 4 sticks of RAM (if you haven't already), to get the benefits of rank interleave? Found some Ryzen 2 testing here: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-3000-best-memory-timings,6310-2.html But as 4 sticks is more demanding on your RAM controller, you run the...
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    Show your RealBench score

    lsevald ----- 220,321
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    CPU-z Multi Thread + Single Thread competition (all welcome)

    I'm getting 2-300points more in win10 over win7 for the multi thread test, single thread no difference. CPU...…….9900k@5.3GHz Memory...32GB G.Skill 3600CL15@3900CL15 Cooling...Custom water GPU...…..1080ti
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    Random .exe files generating in temp folder and drives

    I have yet to see an Anti Virus that doesn't have an "Exclude File/Folder" function, even Windows Defender have it (even though it seems to forget from time to time), so no reason to run your PC without any protection, just exclude stuff you don't want it to mess with. This way it should still...
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    HDD RAW recovery. 500gb crashed drive.

    A little off topic, but I just had an idea. Would it be helpful to make a sector by sector clone over to a known healthy hdd for the purpose of testing different recovery options on the clone(s) rather than the dying drive? But I guess that probably is in conflict with R-T-B's great advice of...
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    To anyone with a 9900k... 5.00GHz... What's your volts??

    Give P95 128K FFT length a try, not sure if AVX enabled/disabled even matters. This is one of those tests that doesn't heat up your CPU too much, but gives your Vcore noise filtering a nice workout if I remember correctly :) EDIT:My board/CPU combo prefers adaptive Vcore with a fair bit of...
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    stuttering in almost any game rtx 2070 super, desperate for help

    So you updated some drivers via SDI that made your problem worse? You need some method to your madness :) What did you update and why? Use SDI to test different drivers, it's not a one click fix and forget thing.
  13. lsevald

    stuttering in almost any game rtx 2070 super, desperate for help

    If you went for the full install it will take a while to download all 20GB :p You could go for the Lite edition and just choose to download the indexes (list of available drivers), and it will download the driver sets on demand if you choose to update some driver. EDIT: I suggest you use SDI...
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    stuttering in almost any game rtx 2070 super, desperate for help

    Something else to check: Also, take a peek in Windows Event Viewer. Maybe some event pops up during the stutter?
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    stuttering in almost any game rtx 2070 super, desperate for help

    I said: SnappyDriverInstaller for a quick way to test a backlog of older drivers, newest isn't always best. I use it all the time. If I read someone suggesting version x is much better than y it takes me 5 minutes to install&test in SDI, and I don't have to dig and search anywhere else to find...