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    CS:GO RIP 2012-2018

    I wonder what gamemode the people here were playing. I used to get very angry calling many opponents cheaters etc. But at one point you start to realise that hardly anyone is really cheating, at least in competitive. I've also played after the f2p update and haven't encountered any cheaters. In...
  2. Luka KLLP

    CS:GO RIP 2012-2018

    Couldn't have said it better myself :) Played 2 games of BR last night with my friends, definitely feels very different from usual gameplay, little weird haha. I will reserve judgement for now, just waiting for the early changes that will inevitably come. Overall I'm just very happy that...
  3. Luka KLLP

    What are you playing?

    Started playing Warframe a bit this week (solo). I had no idea this existed, I actually first noticed it when browsing for new games on my Switch, and then I saw it was just on PC as well :P I'm actually having a lot of fun with it so far, looks good and plays quite nice. Will see if I get...
  4. Luka KLLP

    Post your 3D Pinball Scores

    You can just play this on W10 btw, I don't remember how but I just have it as an application :P Sadly I can't remember my old scores from when I was a kid, I definitely remember breaking that magical 1,000,000 barrier though :D
  5. Luka KLLP

    Best Resolution For Gaming And Productivity

    Have to agree with others; I simply cannot imagine doing any work at all without my two monitors. I don't really need many windows open (I basically just want to be able to write while reading other papers etc. on the other screen) so in terms of the actual resolution I don't really have any...
  6. Luka KLLP

    Valve Announces New Battle Royale Mode for CS:GO, Changes Model to Free to Play

    IIRC Valve has been experimenting behind the scenes with new methods of anti-cheat for months (vac-net etc), probably actually because they wanted to go f2p. Plus there is trust factor / prime matchmaking so current players will almost never encounter new accounts. I can't even remember when I...
  7. Luka KLLP

    Hold On to Your Wallets: It's the 2017 Steam Summer Sale

    Same here. Somehow the excitement is gone for me. Not that I really care, it's good for the wallet :P
  8. Luka KLLP

    AMD Radeon RX 560 vs. GTX 1050

    Did you just write esports with a capital "S"? :shadedshu: :roll:
  9. Luka KLLP

    New GPU-Z 2.0 Crashes on Startup (EVGA 1080 SC2 ICX)

    It works for me now :)
  10. Luka KLLP

    OFFICIAL The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Discussion)

    It could be amazing :eek:
  11. Luka KLLP

    The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild (Discussion...)

    So by some miracle the Switch was suddenly in stock this afternoon... Ordered it quickly (which was good, since they were gone in 2 hours) and it should be here tomorrow morning. So hyped :clap:
  12. Luka KLLP

    Aerosols to protect Earth from global warming will be sprayed into the stratosphere

    My intuition would say it'd be a better idea to stop/reduce the processes we know to cause global warming, rather than starting some strange experimental project to try and combat it.
  13. Luka KLLP

    The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild (Discussion...)

    I bought the limited edition + deluxe edition guide today, because I realised I reaaally wanted them, even though I don't own a switch yet :roll: Now instead of waiting until Switches are in stock again, I can wait until switches are in stock again while drooling over the cartridge... :D
  14. Luka KLLP

    FinalMouse Scream One Second Edition

    They talk about my one taps...