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    [rumor/leak] RDR2 coming to PC,announcement to be made on Apr 22nd,Epic exclusive

    Steam has been my go to place for years. Almost every game is there, my entire library that i am proud of is listed there. Plus its got all great features like in-home streaming with phones, TVs, other PCs; forums for all games, family sharing, refunds, steam curators(which i am a reviewer of...
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    Anyone into Stellaris game?

    currently playing it. 700 hrs in. i average at one playthrough every few months or so: usually when big updates come out, i wait 1-2 weeks for mods to update, play one game, win or get bored, then quit. next update/DLC i'll play a new game. i am currently near the end of my playthrough and will...
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    Who here played Resident Evil 7? Any fans of the original series?

    I loved the first three RE games, finished RE4 and RE5, stopped midway at 6 and never played 7 (although i watched most of it on the internet already and friends playing it) RE 7 was creepy and scary but relies too much on it's first person up and close camera as well as the confined spaces to...
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    Old Games vs. New Games

    Old games are more singleplayer/story/sandbox inclined back then i could play whole day without even connecting to the internet, just loading a game of max payne, playing the sims, hitman 2, or playing red alert/generals/warcraft, satisfies me. I play my consoles, same thing happens. Tenchu...
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    CS:GO How to improve spray with AK-47/M4?

    I play better when playing solo because you suddenly get this mentality of 1vs5 and your teammates are shit and won't cooperate so you have to watch your own back When I play with friends I kinda relax unintentionally thinking nahh they got my back or nah they're good and we can coordinate to...
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    CS:GO How to improve spray with AK-47/M4?

    btw i think i used 800 DPI. yeah its slow as fuck but you can adjust the sensitivity in the menus and windows. . so it will feel normal. also when i said that i got to top rank from doing what i said, spray control and aim is only part of the equation. you need to memorize smokes and nades...
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    CS:GO How to improve spray with AK-47/M4?

    Download custom 'aim' maps that let you practice your aim. rehearse for a couple of minutes then test the spray right into deathmatch until you can consistently kill people with ease. I got to top rank by doing that(mostly played solo)
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    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    use one as well, configured it to fit my needs and to fit all the commands. it works flawlessly, plus I can play while on a more comfortable position(or in steam link at the living room)
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    can i post my twitch streams or is this thread only exclusive to steam
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    This is actually what I do nowadays, the only game I bought at release recently(and was hyped about ) was actually 2 years ago with Stellaris: which is now going for a whole new super big update + expansion this late feb, and I will play it again. fortunately there's endless replay potential...
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    anyone who has the game ? how was it? Im reading steam reviews atm(reading mostly negatives) and alot of people are saying buggy, unoptimized and clunky controls (but a good game aside from those issues)
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    Rise of The Tomb Raider DX12

    theres no difference on my 8700k and 1080. however I prefer DX11 since it is smoother when playing on Steam Link. DX12 has slight stutters
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    PUBG: Common problem and Interesting Solution.

    I'm not having issues and I played on my 2600k and now my 8700k. both have hyperthreading. or maybe i have alot of true cores to begin with? maybe the problem is in your 8GB/HDD installation(if pubg is not on the SSD yet). i had stuttering problems on my laptop because it has a 8GB and went...
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    Emulation vs. real console

    emulation is better if the hardware is powerful enough to fully emulate the said console and then even add some more(like anti aliasing). this is like vinyl vs mp3s. if the mp3 quality is good enough then it's better since you can store thousands of mp3 files in a small device and access them...
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    New Gaming Chair

    i like chair 1 and chair 3 the most. probably because they look similar. but chair 1 is nicer and is more cheaper so i voted for it