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    Samsung is Preparing Exynos SoC with Radeon GPU for Next-Generation PCs

    *anagram ;) Amalgam used to be patch 2.0 for our teeth
  2. m4dn355

    Intel Reportedly Signs Deal with TSMC To Outsource 3 nm Production

    You mean gluing contracts together :D
  3. m4dn355

    TSMC to Roll Out 3nm Plus Manufacturing Process in 2023

    Everyone is invited since it is controlled by AdvancedAI.
  4. m4dn355

    AMD Project Quantum Resurfaces in the Latest Patent Listing

    Abomination it is, the only other word I can think of is POS.
  5. m4dn355

    Arm Highlights its Next Two Generations of CPUs, codenamed Matterhorn and Makalu, with up to a 30% Performance Uplift

    Since nVidia is taking 'em over you are probably right.
  6. m4dn355

    TSMC Begins Construction of 2 nm Manufacturing Facility

    It means higher performance and lower power consumption. If intel achieves the same thing using 14nm and 14 pluses it is great leap both ways. Win - win no matter how low you nickname your gates.
  7. m4dn355

    Valve Prohibits the Mention of "non-Steam versions" of Games

    I would rather mention non-denuvo-steam versions of games.
  8. m4dn355

    Apple to Develop the Metal Family of GPUs, Dump AMD Radeon

    Folks time to dump apple big.TIME
  9. m4dn355

    Core i9-10900K vs. Ryzen 9 3950X Cinebench R15 Comparison Leaked

    I would like to see R11.5 results with huge yellow and orange graphs spanning across A0 landscape mode.
  10. m4dn355

    Intel Core i5-10400 Pictured and Detailed, New Mid-range Gaming Champion in the Making?

    R5 4600 is gaming champion, i5 is POS.
  11. m4dn355

    AMD Rolls Out Athlon 3000 Gold and Silver "Zen" 15W Mobile SoCs

    Naming schemes should not include competitor's language or prefix. Let's say Athlon Diamond or R10 3900x R10 3950x Clearly superior products so create class of your own. AMD is not the underdog anymore so one would expect better naming approach. Just my 5 cents. . .
  12. m4dn355

    AMD CEO To Unveil "Zen 3" Microarchitecture at CES 2020

    I can't wait to watch live feed! Lisa to rule them all
  13. m4dn355

    Intel RealSense Lidar Camera Technology Redefines Computer Vision

    10nm is intel's Visionless camera.
  14. m4dn355

    Team Group Launches the Team Elite 32GB DDR4-2400 Module

    I second that.