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    ARCTIC Expands Alpine Cooler Series

    The coldest thing about this release will probably be the market's reception to these coolers. Genuine question: who are these coolers for, and are they the best choice in any scenario? I really like Arctic, I just can't help but assume they're losing money on these through materials and R&D...
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    SilverStone Intros Hydrogon D120 ARGB Dual Fin-stack CPU Cooler

    Yes! Yet another dual-tower RGB cooler... I'm so excited. In the wise words of bonehead, y.A.W.n ....
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    Why don't you custom water-cool your PC?

    Long-term reliability. And, I don't want to spend time maintaining something which I (personally) could so easily mess up. A nice big air cooler for me please :)
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    Graphics Card Prices Could Soar Amid Increasing Memory Prices

    Just when you thought, "surely it can't get any worse..."
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    BIWIN Launches its Own Retail Channel Brand, Biwintech

    BIWIN is the OEM behind HP's EX950, which is one of the better PCIe 3.0 drives available on the consumer market. There's definitely a lot of cheap Chinese OEM crap out there, but if BIWIN delivers products on the same calibre as the EX950, then they will not be contributing to that. Time will tell.
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    Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB (White) DDR-3200 MHz CL16 2x16 GB

    If you're using a diffuser, use it correctly. Seeing the individial LEDs looks terrible imo.
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    BIOSTAR Racing B550GTQ

    I'm always confused that Biostar devotes so many power stages to SoC, so consistently, and seems to forget that Vcore is massively more important for probably 90%+ of users. Especially at this price and form factor. For an APU? Make a sick iGPU OC'ing board or two, absolutely. But don't make...
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    Intel Sells Its Power Management Chip Business, Enpirion, to Mediatek for $85 Million

    I sincerely hope that their fabs are not next. We need Intel to become competitive on that front again, especially since GlobalFoundaries is probably going to be on 12nm until the universe suffers heat death.
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    EVGA Announces the BP Bronze Series Power Supplies

    I'm definitely glad that it's DC-DC at a lower price point. But it's only for the 3.3V and 5V rails, not for the 12V rail - wouldn't 12V DC-DC give a much more tangible benefit than either 3.3V or 5V DC-DC? Or having it be completely DC-DC be better for performance and marketing? Not a PSU...
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    EVGA Announces the BP Bronze Series Power Supplies

    While this is certainly true, would it not save EVGA money as a whole to not release this new product and to instead restock their other bronze units? There's not really a practical reason to purchase this particular PSU over any of their other bronze units - at least as far as I can tell. Idk...
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    EVGA Announces the BP Bronze Series Power Supplies

    I like that they've added a hydraulic bearing fan as opposed to the sleeve bearing fans that dominate most of their (and most others') lower-end PSUs. I wish every PSU had a ball bearing or hydraulic bearing fan. A sleeve bearing fan is typically the first thing to go in PSUs unless they have...
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    NEO Semiconductor X-NAND Standard Offers Performance Comparable to SLC at Costs of QLC, Wins FMS 2020 Best of Show

    Thank you so much for this information. You certainly live up to your SSD Guru title.
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    My newly built gaming PC (AMD RADEON RX 5600 XT) has been lagging in frames, and shutting down.

    Yup, you're completely right on that first part. I don't mean to push you to do something you're not comfortable doing / aren't fully knowledgeable about. Pertaining to DDU: Sounds good, please let me know if the issue returns.
  14. MachineLearning

    NEO Semiconductor X-NAND Standard Offers Performance Comparable to SLC at Costs of QLC, Wins FMS 2020 Best of Show

    This sounds promising. I want to see this technology in action. My questions are: is this any more reliable than QLC NAND? Will manufacturers forgo QLC and TLC altogether if this proves to be comparable in reliability to TLC? How will this affect product stacks? Even if the answers are...
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    EVGA Announces Liquid-Cooled GeForce RTX 30-series Graphics Cards

    The hybrid cards look absolutely fantastic. However, I'm surprised that EVGA didn't learn its lesson with the red accents from their standard FTW3 card. People seem to generally dislike it. I have to assume that they already ordered that part in that color forever ago, and just need to sell...