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  1. Mad85x

    Shuttle Announces New Freely Configurable Mini-PC Barebone

    Or you could just make use of that free PCI-E Slot. Solve the HDMI problem and allow you to watch Blu-ray movies.
  2. Mad85x

    Intel X79 Enthusiast Chipset Sketched in Roadmap

    Anyone else notice it will have the same amount of pins as the number of the current year it'll be released?
  3. Mad85x

    EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch Version 03.03.09 Released

    Hey well, it's nice to see that they're keeing on the ball with this.
  4. Mad85x

    TechPowerUp Radeon BIOS Editor 1.19 Released, Allows New Software Voltmods

    Dang, too bad it only applies to 4870 and 4870 X2. But, still cool stuff, go Techpowerup! :toast:
  5. Mad85x

    Kingston Technology Boosts Speed, Capacity on 2GHz HyperX DDR3 Triple Channel Memory

    Woot! More Triple-Channel memory.
  6. Mad85x

    G-Technology Launches Industry's First Family Of External SSDs

    What, no E-SATA? I guess it's because it's for Mac, looks nice though.
  7. Mad85x

    overclocking a sapphire 9550

    Have you tried looking at ATItool or RivaTuner? Those two programs might help you out. But if I were you, I'd go out and get a new Graphics card as that one is pretty dated man.
  8. Mad85x

    Volt Mod HD3870

    Alright so I looked at it and again the same problem, I'm missing resistor R1222. If you look at the pic of my card you'll notice that it's missing. That, and a few others. I appreciate your help though.
  9. Mad85x

    Volt Mod HD3870

    Thanks alot dude. I'll look into it and see if this is any help.
  10. Mad85x

    Volt Mod HD3870

    Hey there, I have a Visiontek HD3870 that I really need to push to it's limits. As it stands I've gotten it to 837c 1170m through a BIOS mod. Now I've searched the net for hours trying to findfind a way to do it for this peticular card but no avail. The resistors are always in a different spot...