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    Your PC ATM

    Very nice thread :pimp:
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    Help deciding which card to buy: GTX 780 or R9 290 (more info in thread)

    Actually 2GB are quite enough unless u play on 1440p and stuff like that and/or skyrim , I think so . I will go for the 290 from sapphire tri-x or the 290 from asus with DCU II
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    Steam Machine Teardown

    :respect: Hola shiattt , thank you :D Merry XMAS
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    Steam Machine Teardown

    #31 So maybe a bitfenix prodigy will be good for my future builds , for example . :D Offtopic : How can I do to reply showing my message or from another user like u did with my massage , sorry but I am new to this :D . Btw merry christamas too all TPU :toast:
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    problem flashing the Sapphire 280x Vapor-X

    I know , but give it a try , but make a backup of th regitry u are going to edit and a resotre point . In my case 3dmark was going from 100% usage to 60% continuosly , I follow the fix I commented and moved the power limiter to 30% . Hope it works atoher way keep us telling.
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    problem flashing the Sapphire 280x Vapor-X

    Can teel you about that maybe u have to get a different bios , Did u try tpu bios database ? Btw take a look a this http://www.overclock.net/t/1387430/amd-how-to-change-the-power-control-limit-from-20-to-50
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    Starcraft 2 difference FX-8320 vs. i7 4820k ?

    #13 Is right , my 7950 lacks performance on diablo3/sc2 specially at the beggining or somelike at logging in to a party .
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    I need help what's Wrong???

    #18 Keep testing , hope you solved the problem :toast:
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    my hdd kicked the bucket today

    Found a diamond max plus 9 or something like that and working fine . Double backed up info is secure backed up :D
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    Starcraft 2 difference FX-8320 vs. i7 4820k ?

    #3 Is right , Intel´s IPC is much better than AMD´s #5 Yeahh , noticed it on sc2 and diablo3 with my 7950 and an 760/660ti
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    Computer doing strange things

    Kaspersky rescue disk for antivirus and try with another psu and as said with the minium of componentes as possible. Make memtest , ¿ why memtest ? I know I know but any way it takes 15minutes...
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    Steam Machine Teardown

    #28 We will see , but I think like you maybe its time to get used to tinier cases like this one :D
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    Steam Machine Teardown

    Overheating in 3,2,1... Nice tech btw