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    AMD RX Vega Mining Performance Reportedly Doubled With Driver Updates

    So guys, are you using the AMD mining driver? I installed it but I see no difference on my 290X. In plus, I cannot overclock it on MSI Afterburner.
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    Help required with replacing thermal paste on gpu(msi r9 290x Lightning)

    I have a reference 290X that has been babied and TIM reapplied and it stays at 92 dec C constantly while folding. While gaming is around 82-85. If you really want to have it well coled you need the Arctic Cooler Accelero III, with that it will stay at 60 deg C, or use water cooling with a NZXT...
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    MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 3 GB

    Hello W1zzard Would it be possible to do some Folding at home testing after you finish the main 3D part and update us with the results a few days later? I mean, after all, you have all the latest and greatest hardware on hand !
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    Is Raid 0 worth it?

    TRIM in raid works only from raid0 since Z77. Not working in raid5. BTW your raid5 is done on the Southbridge of the x79?
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    1500$ budget i5 6600k AMD RX 480 Please advise

    Not all. Have you seen the review? And it does 60FPS in most games.
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    1500$ budget i5 6600k AMD RX 480 Please advise

    Why do you limit yourself to a monitor? Space restraints? I am gaming on a 55" 120Hz TV, no smart module. I could easily play on a 60Hz refresh panel just as well. Your configuration could look like this. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/xXfqRG But for the GPU I would have gone for a gtx 1060 3GB...
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    Samsung EVO 500 / MX300 525GB / Trion 150 480GB

    Crucial MX300 has on-board capacitors that will allow to finish writing the data to disk even in the event of a power failure, none of the other ssds in the poll have that.
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    Is Raid 0 worth it?

    On ssds no on hdds yes with the condition you don't place anything of importance on them.
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    Need a 4TB family backup solution is it safe?

    I back up the FREENAS system idea with the supplemental provision that the storage pools to be mirrored. You could add a ssd to keep the checksum logs on it. You don't really need ecc ram verifying the data once a week should be fine!
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    what are the advantages of the vulkan API?

    Vulcan is born of Mantle that worked only on AMD cards. Going Vulkan however needs as much as developer involvement as with DX12 it is in it's infancy and previous support from any other API besides DX has been marginal at best. Nvidia also has 70% of the desktop GPU market so their involvement...
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    1500$ budget i5 6600k AMD RX 480 Please advise

    I think your first tactical mistake is to go for a monitor with a GPU sync technology. And if you go with a k sku cpu why not get a mild overclock done anyway? What is with the I am getting an unlocked cpu but I won't overclock trend? Especially when you want to throw a 1.5k on the build?