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    What is the oldest piece of continually running hardware you currently use with your rig?

    SteelSeries [Ideazon] MERC Stealth from 2010. And if someone have one in "good" working condition, I´am willing to barter a price for it. Best KB ever made and should bought all avaiable in the store 10 years ago, now finding one [new] for less then 500€ it´s near impossible.
  2. MasterInvader

    Xeon Owners Club

    Hey guys I could use some help here, finally got a "good and cheap" server to play with. My main use will be for a DayZ Standalone Server, Discord/Teamspeak, PleX Media Server and a "few" other things. It´s better to run/create a few VM´s for each "server" or just run all of them on Win10...
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    What programs you trust more when instal drivers?

    Enough said! Always go with that.
  4. MasterInvader

    Corsair Launches Obsidian 1000D Super-Tower PC Case

    Once the price drops a bit, my next case. My 800D it´s starting to get "old"
  5. MasterInvader

    NVIDIA GeForce 397.31 WHQL Drivers Put GTX 1060-Powered Systems Into Endless Restart Loop

    Running my 2º system with a Asus 1060 Dual OC and 0 problems on the installation and games...
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    Using Security Cameras on Hanns-G monitor

    You will need something like this: Security CCTV 8CH AHD DVR NVR That´s a "chepoo" one but will do what you need, if the cameras are wireless there a few options like that one, but a bit more expensive. I got this one 8CH Wireless CCTV DVR Wifi and works on the TV via RF/UHF signal, HDMI/VGA...
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    Windows 10 Finally Surpasses Windows 7 in Global Market Share - StatCounter

    I call it BS... :kookoo: Meanwhile just now on Steam; Steam Hardware & Software Survey "OS Version" Windows 7 64 bit - 68.80% Windows 10 64 bit - 24.77% Windows 8.1 64 bit - 2.44%
  8. MasterInvader

    SLI with different cards

    Hello Sorry if this question was answered before, I didn't found it on this thread. Anyone tried and got it to work on two 1060 6GB? [with no SLI bridge, since those cards don't have one].
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    anyone have experience with "Kinguin"? seems a bit TOO cheap to be legal to me.

    I have 261 games / 104 DLC´s on my Steam acc and 80% were bought on Kinguin/G2A, never had a single problem. Running 2 PC´s [for at least one year] on Win7 keys from Kinguin, working just fine.
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    Favorite GPU you have owned

    EVGA 580 FTW WC I really miss the true one/slot design
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    Which Nvidia GTX1070 are you waiting for

    I voted "other", going to wait for the cheapest one. And then put some "water" on them
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    Lian Li Announces the PC-J60 Case with Cable Management Compartment

    H440... with a Lian Li sticker
  13. MasterInvader

    Over head issue AMD FX-8350

    I had one [M5A99FX PRO] a few years ago running a PhenomX6 that had a similar problem. After trying different PSU, Cpu cooler, BIOS etc... the problem was the VRM´s, power/voltage where all over the place, my advice RMA.
  14. MasterInvader

    The market its flooded with so many cases!

    My 800D have almost 6 years, and it will last another 6! Solid build [yes it´s super heavy], excellent quality and for WC with a "little" imagination and know how can take pretty much anything.