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    Mac G5 Mod arg-ist

    awesome!!!! subed to see more of this build!!! nice job done so far!!
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    imfaceroll Gaming Liquid Cooled PC Wthin a Cabinet!!

    awesome build!!!! subed to see moar pics and vids!!!
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    Project F1 Dream - Another level 10

    subed to see how this will turn out.....
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    Cooler Master Cosmos Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven edition

    awesome build.... subed to see more pics!!!
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    The Red Dragon by JJ_Sky5000

    subed to see more awsomeness.... i always love to see a wooden case build...
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    Cross by Red Harbinger

    simply amazing!!!! subed to see moaaar pics!!!
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    Giveaway: Portal 2

    I'm in... :D
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    Crysis 2 CELL Edition (KB & Mouse)

    very impresive.... subed to more pics...
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    My Monster Mawd

    very interesting!!! subed to moar pics...
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    Tutorial Project: Nº2

    awesome job so far!! moaaaaarrrr picsss... :D
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    Theory | By Hannes ~ A Lian Li PC-8nb sculpture

    f...ing awesome!!! subed to moar pics!!!
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    Project Thief - CaseLabs TX10-D Dual Workstation/Gaming Build - Gulftown and SB-E

    total awesomeness so far... subed to see moar pics!! :D
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    2001 - A Case Modyssey

    this build is f***ing awesome!!! subed to see moar pics....
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    das.dude's Poor Man's Mod

    oooohhh yes!!!! the best tool in the shed: the hammer, it's the best tool for all IT workers around the world.... :D
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    Project SR-2 Desk

    very impresive... keep the good job.... subbed to moar pics!!