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    Thermalright Launches Bending Corrector Frame for Alder Lake Processors

    Both Igor from Igorslab and Buildzoid have talked about this problem. The ILM only pushes down on die CPU with 2 little Tabs. Put in Newtons third law and you know that the rest of the CPU gets pushed upward by the socket pins. So you basically get a bend along the axis of the tabs of the ILM.
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    AMD's Latest Web-Store Drop Leaves Users in Anger Over a Broken Website

    I was in that queue! The progressbar moved from 0 to 7 percent and then the queue was halted for half an hour. Then it was over. Atleast i did'nt miss anything... :ohwell:
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    NVIDIA Working on Ultra Quality Mode for DLSS Upscaling

    knee jerk reaction par excellence
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    China Has Produced Over 140 Billion Chips So Far This Year

    So why is it, that we have such a shortage of everything semiconductor related...?
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    AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT LC Specs Confirmed: 12% Higher Core and Memory Clocks, 10% Higher Power

    A single 120mm rad for 330Watts? AMD, are you guys insane??? I get the whole SI and OEM compatibility stuff... but still... that fan will have to spin like crazy... Also it's not like a 240mm aluminium rad is THAT much more expensive compared to a 120mm, especially not for manufacturers. Why...
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    Corsair MP600 Core and Water Cooled MP600 PRO HydroX SSDs Pictured

    Well the controller needs cooling otherwise it will thorttle, but it seems that NAND has a lower error rate at higher temperatures. If the waterblock is designed that way, then i wont complain. watercool all the things!
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    NVIDIA to Re-introduce GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER GPUs

    Same here. I upgraded to a second hand 1080 Ti for around 350€ about one and a half year ago, which back then was an awesome deal. I probably won't/can't upgrade till 2022... This market is painfully effed up (cf. article up there)...
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    AMD Applies for CPU Design Patent Featuring Core-Integrated FPGA Elements

    Do FPGAs not have a performance penalty? I always thought it was a trade-off (highly specialized & faster <--> highly generalized & slower)
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    GIGABYTE Offers Statement Regarding the SP-CAP and MLCC Capacitor on GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Cards

    Yeah sorry 20 MLCCs... but still the higher clock was not stable. It's not that outlandish to assume that some (not all) models that have a factory-OC AND 6 POSCAPs/ SPCAPs are prone to not being stable. The new driver is effectivly a minimal downclock to bring those cards under the threshold...
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    GIGABYTE Offers Statement Regarding the SP-CAP and MLCC Capacitor on GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Cards

    well who to believe here. der8auer soldered 10 MLCC on the backside, replacing one POSCAP and his oc of 100 MHz became stable... i think it does make a difference, but only on factory-OCed cards therefore it think the whole issue is mostly drama...
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    Streacom Announces DA2 Version 2 ITX Chassis

    I understand the concept. I also don't think it's the "end of the world", but i would rather have a slightly warmer case interior than stressing the thing in my PC that supplies voltage to my other component and therefore has the ablity to take them with it when it dies. It's a tradeoff that i...
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    MonsterLabo Announces The Beast

    I get the apeal but the last case from them had a problem with overheating vrms and memory on graphics cards.... I mean the RTX 3080 already has a hard time to keept the memory in check, so how will this overcome this problem? Do they offer any pcb-component-cooling? ^And This
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    NVIDIA's Ampere-based Quadro RTX Graphics Card Pictured

    I dont think so. There is no room between the backplate and the PCB to blow air through (look at the PCIe Slot for reference). Also the RTX3090 has no active cooling for its memory modules. It's more like the cooling the GTX400 Series had with holes in the PCB or just a shorter PCB. Maybe the...
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    Intel 14 nm Node Compared to TSMC's 7 nm Node Using Scanning Electron Microscope

    X-Ray images? I know that X-rays can be/are produced during this, but i thought this works by reflection and refraction of electrons... huh
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    be quiet! Announces Pure Loop All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooling Solution

    3 Years... thats not that much but its ok... I hope they changed the block design to actual microfins. I am curious about performance