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    I only use KB + M for shooters for anything else like platformers or wrpgs/jrpgs, controller is king, I use the Xbox one controller for those if it's retro gaming I have the 8bitdo SN30+ I bought back a year ago The Dpad is way better and feels great. My one's sticks are worn and the bumpers...
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    Microsoft Discontinues Production of Current-Gen Xbox One X, Xbox One S

    Maybe get a price drop for the one X
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    Which cooler for ryzen

    I can vouch for the ninja 5 it keeps my 3600@ 4.4ghz 1.26v at 72C on load during gaming tasks, the fans are the most quiet in my case
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    GALAX Readies Several New LGA1200 and AM4 Motherboards for the North American Market

    No but they will get hot would it really hurt to have them in the first place at sub $100 These fit more into OEM category
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    GALAX Readies Several New LGA1200 and AM4 Motherboards for the North American Market

    No VRM heatsinks for b550m/b460 I mean really?
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    Cooling options for 10700k?

    Scythe fuma/ninja 5
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    Gaming mouse for sons new system

    Microsoft pro intellimouse seems good really like the design of it.
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    HyperX Announces Alloy Elite 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    No brown or blue choice of switch? No TKL version? Hard pass.
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    Dell Workstation Owners Club

    Very interesting thread :) I found a t3500 for sale locally with a W3680 and 16gb ram some quadro gpu couple of hdds I'd replace other than that looks pretty solid for $200 but the thing is worrisome is the PSU and hearing about proprietary ones, and it's x58 which means the mobo goes, it's...
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    Best mice June 2020 (Hardware.info)

    Strange. I have the EC2 for little over 3 years now and no problems really perfect for my wide hand knock on wood. I've had more problems with razer and logitech over scroll wheels especially with the g403 and the death adder double chlicking that I had to replace more than 3 times before...
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    Best mice June 2020 (Hardware.info)

    No mention of zowie oh cmon now..
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    What is safe ryzen 5 3600 voltage?

    What is max safe voltage for Ryzen 5 3600? In long term use to not damage chip or motherboard.
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    Ryzen 2700 not boosting properly

    Auto sets everything back to stock, pbo is in the middle and greyed out. At this point, I'm thinking of ditching the motherboard out for a better one when it's available...
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    Ryzen 2700 not boosting properly

    I never really used any AMD based system stayed on intel for years so this is all new to me and overwhelming with ram timings, ram ICs best for ryzen etc. There is no one like that out here and all friends never bothered with amd before. I'm still on 3.8ghz used "AMD ryzen master"