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    Solution for Stuttering Issue

    There are tools for disabling energy efficiency for that. Btw, is there anyone left who still use mech drives?
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    Lags and stutters in Windows

    Just take a quick look on my newest topic: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/solution-for-stuttering-issue.297676/#post-4811573
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    Ryzen 7000 IHS: A PITA for thermal paste removal or just fine?

    Don't think any residue of paste left off would harm anything
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    Solution for Stuttering Issue

    * This topic is how I solved my stuttering issue, it may or may not be the same problem as yours. It is well known that most in game stuttering and freezing issues are related with either gpu vram or system ram. In order to minimize pagefile usage, It is a good idea to clear the ram...
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    PSU advice

    I meant other other brands such as EVGA, Corsair, Asus etc orders from Seasonic.
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    PSU advice

    There are two main brands AFAIK. Seasonic and Delta. Both are equally great. Just pick one.
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    HDD only works after I replug it

    Have you tried and see the SMART results? Can you sahre with us?
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    I did something very stupid with Windows

    That is because some programs are being required to have regedit entries to launch. (The entries are created while the program is being installed) Also, some other softwares are need to have Visual c++ runtime packages which you can find as a bundle on techpowerup frontpage:) And please don't...
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    Thermal pads. Thinner or Thicker Better?

    Because of too much pressure?
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    Thermal pads. Thinner or Thicker Better?

    1mm works better. thanks everyone!
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    Thermal pads. Thinner or Thicker Better?

    Yeah everybody recommends that but problem is, there is no where to find it. I've bought thermal grizzly minus pad.
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    Thermal pads. Thinner or Thicker Better?

    So I wanted to change my chipset thermal pad and contacted to MSI and they said the original thickness is 1mm. In order to increase heat transfer, should I use 0,5 mm or 1,5 mm thermal pad? Or just use 1mm? What are your opinions? Please see attached pictures:
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    Are these temps high for a 5800x? (~55 °C light tasks)

    Do motherboard manufacturers modify the AMD chipset package?
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    My thermal paste collection...how would you rank them from best to worst?

    As I stated earlier on, there are only fractional differences. Thermal paste industry is partly a scam industry
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    What happened to ARCTIC MX-5?

    How? I want to try too