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    Gigabyte Expands SSD Storage Lineup With NVMe M.2 Solutions

    That is okay, we have plenty of consumers here in states.
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    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

    7700K @ 5.1Ghz. It can prob be pushed little further but temps are holding it back. I am not into delidding at all.
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    Intel SSD 760p 512 GB

    Picked up mine for $129.99 after my 600p started to crash system less then a year after purchase. Intel left us stranded with 600p with no firmware updates. I hope they can do better this time around. After fiasco with 600p, I am surprised 760p still cannot maintain sustained writes while...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K De-lidded, Soldered IHS Confirmed

    We cant make those Delid & Relid kit's useless now can we? :D
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    Intel Core i9-9900K De-lidded, Soldered IHS Confirmed

    I am glad Intel has finally rediscovered the potential benefits of soldered IHS. I sure miss my 5930K where temps were linear and high end coolers really made a difference where as temps on my 7700K are too spike regardless of the LLC settings.
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    Intel 600P going bad?

    I've spend quite sometime re adjusting airflow in the case and Installed two additional fans besides the 3x stock RNG fans on View 71. Unfortunately system still suffers from BSOD at random intervals whenever 600p is installed in either m.2 slots.
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    Intel 600P going bad?

    I will try above steps in few min. Ever since I removed Intel 600p from m.2 and installed a SATA Samsung 850 PRO instead, system seems to be normal and have yet to crash. I will post the findings in few hours.
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    Intel 600P going bad?

    That was my very first impression as well. Scenario: Running WOW on Monitor 1 @1440, Titan XP reaches 84c and stays there while reducing its clock to adjust. Averages around 1570 Mhz from initial 1880Mhz. Running HW monitor, GPUz and Task manager on Monitor 2 along Microsoft Edge open with...
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    Intel 600P going bad?

    I never had a critical component die on me like ever. I still have Pentium II with 440BX and AT power supply that still runs fine. I am having difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that this otherwise flawless working nvme could go bad this soon. Cant tell if both m.2 slots on m/b...
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    Intel 600P going bad?

    It has been a difficult week for me troubleshooting my gaming PC. I built a gaming PC about 10 months ago and has worked flawlessly. Only upgrade I've made since then is TITAN XP which replaced Asus 1070 in July. I only have two games installed on this PC which are World of Warcraft and...
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    Intel Explains Key Difference Between "Coffee Lake" and "Whiskey Lake"

    I suppose we should not expect the usual 1 to 5 % IPC gain this time around. "When fixed in software, Intel expects a 3-10% drop in performance depending on the workload – when fixed in hardware, Intel says that performance drop is a lot less, but expects new platforms (like Cascade Lake) to...
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    9th Gen Core Processor Price Leak by Czech Retailers Drop Hints on Possible MSRP

    This has to be a joke. AMD Zen architecture is the reason an average consumer can easily afford something more then Quad Core in their system. If it were up to INTEL, we'd still be paying premium for their eXtreme series Hex Core processors and motherboards. At the same time I have never owned...
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    9th Gen Core Processor Price Leak by Czech Retailers Drop Hints on Possible MSRP

    Refresh looks good on paper but what are they doing about Spectre, Meltdown and Foreshadow vulnerabilities at this stage. Hyper Threading is a security risk in its own corner.
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    Thermalright Intros AXP-100 Full Copper CPU Cooler

    Looks attractive and I am sure performance will please us as well.
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    NVIDIA "TU102" RT Core and Tensor Core Counts Revealed

    We can still expect a Titan Series for a hefty price of around $3000.