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    First Benchmarks, CPU-Z Screenshots of AMD Ryzen Threadripper 32-core CPU Surface

    I am still certain INTEL will continue to increase more counts while maintaing their IPC lead over AMD's CPU architecture. But ZEN has certainly opened up Pandora's box. 32 Physicals cores incoming to a consumer market at reasonable cost is nothing less then astonishing.
  2. mcraygsx

    Intel: "If [AMD] Wanted an Intel Core i7-8086K CPU, [They] Could Have Just Asked Us"

    That is not a realistic expectations when 8086k is available to masses. Good luck with your pipe dream if u think your 8086K will be worth twice the cost. You only have to glare at Pentium G3258 and you will be long gone before it is considered a vintage.
  3. mcraygsx

    Wishful Thinking, Disingenious Marketing: Intel's Optane Being Marketed as DRAM Memory

    Intel really take consumers for a blind fool now a day. Problem is some consumers are OKAY with this.
  4. mcraygsx

    Intel Readying 22-core LGA2066 and 8-core LGA1151 Processors

    *Facepalm @ Anadtech "Intel’s 28-Core 5 GHz CPU: Coming in Q4". There are those who still believe just because media told them so.
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    What processor do you use?

    My second PC at home with Core 2 Xtreme X6800 3.3Ghz ECS nFORCE 570 SLI-A motherboard (when nVIDIA used to make chipsets :)) 8MB of DDR2 EVGA GeForce 960 FTW Samsung 850 EVO WIndows 7 It run everything from EVE Online, Dawn of War III, World of Warcraft etc just fine even at max settings...
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    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    Lets see where STAR CITIZEN takes us at this point.
  7. mcraygsx

    GTX 1070 Firmware Overwritten by Malware - Unable to Reset

    I am very much intrigued with this Post, at this point OP need to be very watchful of all of his affairs in life especially his finances.
  8. mcraygsx

    NVIDIA GeForce 397.31 WHQL Drivers Put GTX 1060-Powered Systems Into Endless Restart Loop

    This should've been reported during Beta. I would love for nVidia to refresh/redesign UI for Control Panel. Hoping to see something new with Version 400 drivers for VOLTA based GPU's soon.
  9. mcraygsx

    Intel's Core i7-8700K Generational Successor Could be 8-core

    Right one, I am still using Core 2 Extreme X6800 with NVidia NFORCE 570 SLIT-A motherboard as well. Combined with GTX 1070, it is a good gaming machines.
  10. mcraygsx

    EVGA Intros GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Elite in Two New Color Variants

    That is exactly the reason I went for Titan XP instead. I really hope these GPU prices are not here to stay.
  11. mcraygsx

    2700X vs 7700K, should I stay or should I go?

    That is not a fact for enterprise edition. Updates have never altered settings on my personnel PC running enterprise or workstation running 2016 Server Standard. Cannot speak for Professional or Home edition. But If you are worried about Telemetry there are more then few methods to turn it off...
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    Motherboard quality among brands

    T Not sure why you deleted your previous comment. Z370 is for Intel and latest X470 is for AMD.
  13. mcraygsx

    Motherboard quality among brands

    While true that ASUS holds the crown but it comes at cost. To get best out of OC capabilities , you have to get into their Maximux line and those boards cost almost same as CPU itself. While Asrock offers same features for lot less. For example ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero ( Least expensive board in...
  14. mcraygsx

    Motherboard quality among brands

    Asus has overall the UEFI BIOS out there in the segment. ASKROCK simply offers lot more for your money with excellent overclocking capabilities in the industry. Have not purchase Gigabyte / MSI in a decade.
  15. mcraygsx

    ASUS Announces the AMD-Exclusive 'AREZ' Brand for Radeon Graphics Cards

    Simply replace labels and logo and you get AREZ brand. Asus gets publicity for being pro active.