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    10 Years Jail for Buying, Selling, Mining Crypto-currency in India: New Bill

    While I agree that justice is unfairly enforced across the world, it's wrong to pin the "fall of the Roman Empire" on any one reason. They were many, many reasons why that particular empire stopped being, including: A) It just ran out of things to conquer. Rome was great at conquering other...
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    Google to Significantly Scale Down Notebook and Tablet Development

    Nope -- that just makes you trackable by the VPN only. And god knows who they're selling your tracking info to. :laugh:
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    Dell Technologies to Go Public Again, IPO Soon

    Perhaps at one time when a lot of traders thought of long-term gains, but not anymore. All people buying your stock today means is that the expect your stock to maybe make money over the short term, and that's it. Short term gains are all anyone cares about today. I liked Dell precisely...
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    Best May 2018 Upgrade for an older GTX 750ti User

    If your system specs are to be believed, I can see that. :p Props to you for running a seven year old chip with two 1070s! I would gladly get you a new chip in return for just one of those 1070s, if we make it a straight trade. But yeah, to everyone wondering about the CPU -- take a look at...
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    Best May 2018 Upgrade for an older GTX 750ti User

    Just as a quick aside -- you can blacklist websites with Google, if you use Chrome. There's, surprisingly, a Google-provided extension just for that: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/personal-blocklist-by-goo/nolijncfnkgaikbjbdaogikpmpbdcdef I use it to block sites like...
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    Best May 2018 Upgrade for an older GTX 750ti User

    First of all: thanks everyone for the help! :lovetpu: TPU consistently has the most knowledgeable people on it. While the Athlon CPU might be a problem, a new MB/CPU combo is out of the question right now! The 1050ti would be great, but unfortunately the new 1050ti's are WAY too much, and...
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    Best May 2018 Upgrade for an older GTX 750ti User

    Backstory: I game with a online friend who still uses a GTX 750ti in their system (their CPU is a Athlon X4 860K). It was fine for a long time (it was a very decent card for its price point), but it's getting to the point where their performance in online games is starting to suffer, and...
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    Zotac Announces Thunderbolt 3 Cases - Amp Box and Amp Box Mini

    It's not by itself, but the laptop you connect to it is mobile, and the fact that you don't have to manage and maintain two separate OS installs is certainly convienent.
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    Destiny 2 Beta: Performance Analysis

    This is key -- if you make your game in DX12, you eliminate a huge user potential customer base that still uses Win7 and Win8 (I think). Destiny has to play to the biggest potential customer base. Also, this game is really well optimized and smooth, even on my system (i3/1050ti). Looks great...
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    Liquid Cooled AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Now on Sale for $1,489.99

    I remember when 400W was great for a top-of-the-line card like this -- didn't the HD 4870 X2 pull like 500 regularly?
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    Destiny 2 Officially Confirmed for PC

    Hey, spoilers! :p {sarcasm} And you mean interplanetary. {/sarcasm} Blame Activation. As a holding company that only tries to make money off of the labors of other companies like Bungie, they focus only on ongoing revenue streams (little bits of DLC that keep you playing) instead of large...
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    Unlocked Cores on Phenom X2 550 Stable on Benchmarks But Not Games

    RAM timings didn't do it. :( Made sure to set it to stock values at 2T. Same thing. It's only a single rail on the PS, but it's a damn big single rail. The PS wasn't cheap. Going to try and get my hands on another video card (something that dosen't need a 6-pin) to test out, but I'm telling...
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    Unlocked Cores on Phenom X2 550 Stable on Benchmarks But Not Games

    Ah -- that makes sense. Will check the what the stock timings are supposed to be when I get home today. Hopefully that'll be it.
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    POLL: Following the Bulldozer release are you still going to buy one?

    I think part of the fact that the hype was so horrible is the fact that we have literally been hearing the words "Bulldozer" being thrown around for about four years now, it seems. :shadedshu There was no way this thing was going to live up to even half the hype.
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    Unlocked Cores on Phenom X2 550 Stable on Benchmarks But Not Games

    Yep, have tried it with just core 3 disabled, and then with just core 4 disabled. No change. I'd honestly rather not bother if it's going to take that. :p I'll just sell this chip and get a true quad-core. :P That's an interesting point, but odd that it's happening to me with a power...