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    MSI Unveils The MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming Desktop featuring NVIDIA Ampere Graphics

    Looks like an outboard motor for your desk
  2. MEC-777

    DeepCool Intros Gamer Storm TF-120S and TF-140S Fans for Radiators

    The TF fans are really good. Have used them for years on air-coolers and rads. These are a slight update on the original TF design. Really good quality and really well priced.
  3. MEC-777

    Alphacool Announces Water Cooling Solutions for Server Racks

    Linus will be happy, lol.
  4. MEC-777

    DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L Series Full-Modular PSUs Pictured

    Yeah, just noticed that. Can't delete or edit my previous reply.
  5. MEC-777

    DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L Series Full-Modular PSUs Pictured

    These have been out for a while now. Running the DQ650M in my system. Nice high-quality units, btw.
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    Abkoncore Rolls Out T404B Hurricane CPU Cooler

    Jeez, calm down. lol That single arm will make next to no difference. Not really blocking anything, given the total area the fans are able to pull from. The only downside I can see to this design is it might make a bit more noise with how close the arm is the to fan blades on the intake side...
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    AeroCool Intros Cylon 4F CPU Cooler

    That off-set, asymmetrical RGB strip is a big nope for my OCD, lol.
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    DeepCool Unveils GAMMAXX GT ARGB CPU Cooler

    I have the older, standard Gammaxx 400 on an overclocked FX-8350 and I can vouch, it's a very capable and very affordable, well-made cooler. If you set this beside a CM212, you'd see a number of differences. Yes, many coolers in this category are very similar in size, shape, but blatant...
  9. MEC-777

    SilentiumPC Announces Fortis 3 RGB HE1425 CPU Cooler

    It could probably handle passive on a 65w part and semi-passive on a 95w part. I ran a Deepcool Lucifer v2 semi-passive on an overclocked 4770k a couple years ago. The fan hardly ever ran and temps rarely breached 70C. 5 heat pipes is fine, it's the size and density of the fin-stack. This is a...
  10. MEC-777

    SilentiumPC Announces Fortis 3 RGB HE1425 CPU Cooler

    This would actually be a pretty decent passive cooler. Just ditch the fan.
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    MSI Announces the MAG Forge 100 Series Cases

    I get they're trying to make it different and futuristic, but this is not well executed, IMO. Same plain-jane overall layout/interior with a weird front panel.
  12. MEC-777

    Thermaltake Announces the H550 TG ARGB Mid-Tower Chassis

    It has front intake, rear and top exhaust though...
  13. MEC-777

    Antec Presents DP501 White Gaming Chassis

    Those are some weird looking intake fans. Pretty boring case aside from that.
  14. MEC-777

    Sharkoon Announces the TG6 RGB Mid-tower Chassis

    Same old, same old... To case manufacturers; Stop it! And get some new ideas!