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    Intel Could Unveil its Graphics Card at 2019 CES

    Larabee type of fail? Certainly not. Not bringing exceptional performance? Well, yeah, but so what? Fail, learn from it, improve is the normal cycle. If they are serious about GPU presence, I simply don't see what could stop them. If there is a company on the planet which can enter consumer GPU...
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    Intel's Mobileye Secures a Future-Focused Deal for 8 Million Self-Driving Systems in 2021

    Insurance companies are bracing for the future when number of accidents will drop significantly, if that tells you something. I don't "like driving", especially very long distances, would instead happily watch a movie or two. Or even sleep in a driving car and get started at night on a 1000km+...
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    Iiyama Debuts New Trio of G-Master FreeSync Monitors

    Eat that, gvidia! That stunning 75Hz refresh rate... a bit spoiled my "shutupandtakemymoney" mood. This one looks good though:
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    Intel's Core i7-8700K Generational Successor Could be 8-core

    Thank you, AMD!
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    43" Wasabi Mango UHD430 is World's First Commercially Available 120 Hz, 4K Gaming Monitor

    I see it differently. UHD Alliance and corresponding certification was created to address BS claims "supports HDR". But it only applies to TV appliances. VESA has created another standard that covers monitors (including those on Notebooks). "Form of mapping" exists not because someone...
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    43" Wasabi Mango UHD430 is World's First Commercially Available 120 Hz, 4K Gaming Monitor

    It supports HDR10 input, so. For certifications, there is UHD Premium and DP 400/.../1000 standards. There is no electronics behind panel that can turn 350nit panel into 1000nit.
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    Logitech G Unleashes G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Hardware at best worth 10$ sold to you at mere 59$. It is cheap, I know.
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    PowerColor to Showcase Radeon RX Vega 56 Nano Edition at Computex

    Nice for street price of at least 1070.
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    Microsoft's Hit Surface Hub is Getting a Second-Gen Product in 2019

    Cool idea, but so was tablet back in 90s, coming from the same company.
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    AMD Teases Its 7 nm Vega Instinct Accelerator - Data-Pushing Silicon Deployed

    So, once again, why do people state this is TSMC and not GloFo? Given the noice GF was making about 7nm transition, it would be major.fail for them, if TSMC is still ahead. Any updates on the "leaked benchmarks" in which this 7 nm thing loses to older 14nm Vega? Much higher volumes => more...
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    MSI Presents Radeon RX MECH 2 Series Graphics Cards

    Strix stuff is back (not sure why Strx sounds cooler than Ares though). In case people where wondering why crappier nVidia's cards outsell faster and cheaper ones from AMD (e.g. 280(x) vs 960)
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    43" Wasabi Mango UHD430 is World's First Commercially Available 120 Hz, 4K Gaming Monitor

    Mapping HDR content to actual capabilities of the screen is a mandatory step in outputting HDR content. AMD FreeSync 2's addressing of "HDR lag" is about doing this step in GPU (which should be much faster than letting TV do it), NV's "HDR GSync' is likely doing the same.
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    43" Wasabi Mango UHD430 is World's First Commercially Available 120 Hz, 4K Gaming Monitor

    HDR is made with "different devices are... different" in mind.
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    NVIDIA Teases "Ultimate Gaming Experience" At GTC Taiwan

    But-hurt reactions from nVidia fans are still puzzling me, you manage to do it even when nothing is said against nVidia to begin with. Funny and a bit terrifying. Now try to calm down, read it again, and figure how come you saw an "anti-nvidia" in this short list of statements: 1) Announcing...
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    AMD Introduces Broad AMD Ryzen PRO Mobile & Desktop APU Systems for Enterprise

    If they weren't constantly crippled by BS like: 1) high power consumption of non-APU components (MSI) 2) crappy screen (pretty much all manufacturers) But there is hope.