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    Razer Blade 15 updated with new NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics

    This is nothing new though. Razer has been doing this since... always? I figured their market share is mostly not-very-smart rich kids.
  2. Mega-Japan

    ViewSonic Unveils Three Pro-Grade Monitors for Color-Critical Applications

    Uh, no mention of what version of DisplayPort it has, and their website says refresh is only up to 60hz if I'm not mistaken... doesn't seem worth the price tag at all that VP3881...
  3. Mega-Japan

    The Witcher Franchise Passes the 25 Million Games Sold Mark

    Late to the party but thought I'd add that Skyrim is trash compared to Witcher 3. Played and beat both, enjoyed one, was bored to death with the other. Skyrim has the most boring plot I've ever seen. Even the first Super Mario had a better plot than that. Some of the side quests were O.K. but...
  4. Mega-Japan

    NEC Announces MultiSync EX341R Curved Ultrawide QHD Display

    That's the point -_- I too am tired of these low ass refresh rates on these "new" monitors with outdated DisplayPorts.
  5. Mega-Japan

    Acer Unveils the XR382CQK 38-inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor

    If ASUS comes up with a similar panel, we can only hope that it AT LEAST has DP 1.4, for, you know, 120Hz or more...
  6. Mega-Japan

    Ultra Widescreen Confusion, 2560x1080 =/= 21:9 =/= Anamorphic

    And then there's this monstrosity... http://www.pcgamer.com/acers-ginormous-375-inch-ultrawide-freesync-monitor-emerges-for-1300/ Like, wtf kind of resolution is 3440x1600? Cause that's FAR from any of the ratios mentioned in the original post, being 2.15:1. Like not even in the same ball park...
  7. Mega-Japan

    Synology Launches Synology Router RT2600ac and VPN Plus

    I couldn't help but notice the following from http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?itemID=442020 : How much of this information is actually accurate?
  8. Mega-Japan

    GIGABYTE Announces Gaming Laptop Range with the Latest Intel 6th Gen Processor

    I must be tripping but... I don't see these on their website.
  9. Mega-Japan

    XOTIC PC Ships Gaming Desktop and Laptops With New 6th Generation Intel CPUs

    Oh right, I forgot people still do those, which usually turn out to be bulk power hungry egg-frying "laptops".
  10. Mega-Japan

    XOTIC PC Ships Gaming Desktop and Laptops With New 6th Generation Intel CPUs

    But I thought Skylake wasn't available for laptops yet... what?
  11. Mega-Japan

    Windows 10 Attains RTM Status

    It's almost as exciting as the time when Windows 7 came out. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I bought myself a 7-meat mini burger at White Castle to celebrate. Good times good times.
  12. Mega-Japan

    Ultra Widescreen Confusion, 2560x1080 =/= 21:9 =/= Anamorphic

    This whole mumble jumble of constant incorrect pixel/aspect ratio had me turning my head a few times. Starting with, why is 21:9 called 21:9 instead of just 7:3 which is the exact same. To relate to 16:9 because dumb people wouldn't have made the connection otherwise... Ok, got that. Then I...
  13. Mega-Japan

    AMD Radeon HD 7970M Arrives on 24th

    Personally been waiting for this! My laptop currently has a 7690 XT, which isn't... the best XD. I'll have my current laptop (HP ENVY 17 3D-3000) for the same with new Ivy Bridge and this. Should have waited a bit, lol.
  14. Mega-Japan

    Iiyama Announces the G2773HS 120 Hz Pro Gamer Display

    1080p on 27"? Yeah, not in 2012 when a 10" iPad has far more resolution. Also, is it missing Display Port? I got rid of DVI's cables long ago. I wonder how long it will take for DP to fully replace DVI once and for all...
  15. Mega-Japan

    Intel to Push for Higher Resolution PC Displays, Arrive in 2013

    If angles is the concern, then display should be switched to 2D. But I thought eventually displays with 2D/3D option would become mainstream. Those who not like it can simply keep it off.