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    Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Claims Free Game Giveaways Increase Sales On Other Platforms

    Well gotta give people SOME reason to sign up to his irrelevant platform.
  2. Mega-Japan

    Electronic Arts Launches 25+ Games on Steam Starting Today

    People STILL throw their money at EA? Well uh... I guess people will be people.
  3. Mega-Japan

    LG Launches 38WN95C-W Monitor: 38" Nano IPS, QHD+, 144 Hz - 170 Hz, 1 ms, Adaptive-Sync, 2300R, VESA DisplayHDR 600

    Been wanting to upgrade my 34" 21:9 Acer for one of these for a while, but at this rate, I might as well keep on waiting. Perhaps next year's will bring the VESA-1000 certification, HDMI 2.1, and perhaps a less ridiculous price tag.... Well, one can hope.
  4. Mega-Japan

    id Software Clarifies Denuvo Technology Wasn't Responsible For Doom Eternal Issues Following Update 1

    I try not to buy any game with DRM unless I REALLY like the franchise I'm buying into. Otherwise, stay away from anything-DRM, and support the likes of CDPR and their GOG platform which is 100% DRM-free. DRM's can go to hell.
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    Seagate Announces "The Last of Us Part II" Licensed Game Drives

    You should ALL take your crap elsewhere, bringing your political drama to a tech website...
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    Which new console would you buy?

    On launch date? Neither. However, PlayStation has ALWAYS had the better exclusives. I honestly have 0 reasons to go for Xbox unless I wanted to play Halo or contribute further to the US' bloated economy. My criteria for getting PS5 on launch is if followed up on that rumor of being backwards...
  7. Mega-Japan

    Epic Games Abandons Android Strategy & Publishes Fortnite on the Google Play Store

    Out of all these I feel GOG is the only one worth supporting. Though of course when not given a choice, we all have to use the "exclusive" platform something is released on so sometimes it's irrelevant.
  8. Mega-Japan

    Next-Generation Laptop Hardware from Intel and NVIDIA Coming April 2nd

    Well I'm planning to get my hands on one of these so good to hear ^^
  9. Mega-Japan

    Sony's Mark Cerny to Detail PS5 Architecture March 18th

    Yeah so I ain't holding my breath. If it doesn't have those features, I'd just wait for the "PS5 Slim/Pro" or equivalent. Easy choice. I'm in no rush.
  10. Mega-Japan

    NVIDIA: "GTC News Can Wait"

    Eh? This sounds like a lot of bull. Was looking forward to heard about the RTX 2070/2080 SUPER lineup on laptops.
  11. Mega-Japan

    Sony's Mark Cerny to Detail PS5 Architecture March 18th

    If the PS5 truly has backwards compatibility to all PlayStations before it, isn't region-locked (not just for games, but BluRays also), AND can play 4K UHD BluRay discs, it's no contest, day 1 purchase for me.
  12. Mega-Japan

    Razer Blade 15 updated with new NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics

    This is nothing new though. Razer has been doing this since... always? I figured their market share is mostly not-very-smart rich kids.
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    ViewSonic Unveils Three Pro-Grade Monitors for Color-Critical Applications

    Uh, no mention of what version of DisplayPort it has, and their website says refresh is only up to 60hz if I'm not mistaken... doesn't seem worth the price tag at all that VP3881...
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    The Witcher Franchise Passes the 25 Million Games Sold Mark

    Late to the party but thought I'd add that Skyrim is trash compared to Witcher 3. Played and beat both, enjoyed one, was bored to death with the other. Skyrim has the most boring plot I've ever seen. Even the first Super Mario had a better plot than that. Some of the side quests were O.K. but...
  15. Mega-Japan

    NEC Announces MultiSync EX341R Curved Ultrawide QHD Display

    That's the point -_- I too am tired of these low ass refresh rates on these "new" monitors with outdated DisplayPorts.