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    Mlb 2k9 demo released

    I thought they would feck up the controls. Its hardly playable even with the xbx360 controller. They need to go back to the drawing board with the pitching & the fielding is almost just as bad. The hitting is great though.
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    ASUS Launches Five GeForce GTS 250 Cards with Dark Knight Fans

    Man ASUS, releasing 5 of these guys at once. 4 of them are the same card with a few tweaks. This is a 8800GTS/9800GTX right. I really can't see this as anything but milking but what are you gonna do. I guess the guys that don't have any of those already would love the update.
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    Radeon HD 4750 Previewed, Performs Closer to HD 4850

    This isn't just a battle, its a war. You don't stop fighting just because you won a few single battles. Anyway, the point has already been made *beats dead horse*
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    GeForce GTS 250 Inches Closer Launch

    If the card still performs the same..but saves it bit on a e-bill, its still the same in my book. The question is will someone buy this when they already have the prior version. Its just confusing the hell out of me. But I don't buy those cheapo cards so I really don't care one way or another...
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    Microsoft Releases Red Xbox 360 Next Month

    Chrome red would be better, much better.
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    Microsoft Releases Red Xbox 360 Next Month

    What happened to the black. It took me forever to get my hands on a satin black shell. Red would just make me play it even less than I do now.
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    Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2 Days Away From Clinching Top Spot

    Bah, 2 g's for a lappy that get better 3dmks than a rig I put together for just under $2500 a year ago. I'm pwned :laugh:
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    ASUS 4870X2 $360 newegg

    That's the one I bought. I don't really care one way or another about open box items on egg. Mine came with most of the acc. anyway. It was only missing the pouch & drivers that nobody uses. It was a damn good buy.
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    ASUS Rampage II Gene Motherboard Unboxed

    Holy $hit. A mATX with 2 PCI-e 16x slots is a paradox to say the least. It makes me want to stuff it in my TT lanbox. I can get an X2 in there with an inch to spare. That paired with an i7 & the right OC would be the 2nd fast PC I've ever built & it would be the fourth or the size of my Xaser...
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    Thermaltake Xpressar Portable Phase-Change Cooling Systems at Cebit 2009

    So a form of that would be able to fit in my case. I'm game for it but it'll even stretch my budget - I can't believe I just said that :p
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    Microsoft Severance Pay Blunder Costs Mostly Unemployed Ex-Employees

    Well, there's no way in hell I'm backing up MS in this blunder. Looks like the accountants over that needed to get canned as well, but I'm sure they already are.
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    Too many volts?

    A hundred-million year old Vapochill. I had to make a custom bracket for it & seal the DFI board. I don't feel like do all of that crap with the i7, not that it needs it anyway. I can max it out on water. I just need the power to do it. My 1000W'er can't take it above 4.4 with all the junk I...
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    RV790 Built on Improved 55 nm Manufacturing Process

    I must be hearing it when the squeling either starts or stops, but whatever noise it is its definitely coming from the X2. Its not really annoying but I just relate that sound to something that's about to break down. Its not really a click either, more like a bump...& it always happpens twice...
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    Too many volts?

    Anything over 1.8v for my best Q6600 would render the rig a hunk a metal. It could do 4.3 at 1.75v & it was rock solid even for gaming. It wasn't stable at any clk over that no matter how high I pushed the volt until 1.8 where it wouldn't POST anymore.
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    RV790 Essentially An Overclocked RV770

    Relatively speaking, if the core for the RV790 is just a more power eff. RV770 then the same clocks for both should produce the same results. But in terms of the RV790 OCing better, I wouldn't count on it. They can try to rework the RV770 all they can but it will still be 10 lbs of beef in a 5...