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    Several reviews of ThreadRipper 2990WX

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    i7-6700K with Windows 7?

    Hate to tell you but about 99% of people that own a PC dont OC. Also remember the clock speeds of the i7-2600 and 2600K? they where both clocked the same! the K stood for unlocked not extra performance out of the box like the K models are of today, FU intel! So if you want that extra...
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    GTX 970... still a beast???

    I am happy with my x2 GTX 970's, plays all the games I play even at 1440P, but I only went to 1440P when I got my second GTX 970. I put it it against my mates GTX 1060 6GB card in the latest Final fantasy and we basically scored the same, only about 100 points different. So if your only gaming...
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    Yakuza 0 Benchmark Performance Analysis

    CPU seems pretty important to me in this game, 150FPS increase is massive! from a 2core cpu to a 6core one at 1440P.
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    That itch! its coming closer and closer

    Ok here is some benchmarks of the updated System, I havent had a chance to do all the games yet, but here is a good few of them and I will update the rest at a later date. 2700X is at stock cocks and so is the GTX 970s with all the settings the same in each game as before with the FX-8350. RAM...
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    That itch! its coming closer and closer

    Yeah I had no plans on upgrading the GPU's for a few yrs and with bills this month no way I can afford a new GPU anytime soon. Argh I having a few issues getting this machine stable, I thought it was stable at 3466MHz but I guess not until I dropped the timings from 16-16-16 to 16-18-18. Also...
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    That itch! its coming closer and closer

    Just a quick update, I did a BIOS update as I couldn't get the RAM clocked up to 3466MHZ without the system BSOD ing when booting. After the BIOS update its now stable at 3466MHZ, even booted into Windows at 3600MHz but wasnt 100% stable, but was impressed that it at least booted into Windows...
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    ASUS Ready with 19 Motherboard Models Based on Intel Z390 Chipset

    Your only just realizing this now? They have been like that for the past 18yrs. So its true then, none of these new CPU's will work on Z370 boards? :shadedshu: And I agree 19 new boards? wtf! makes it so hard later on in the future to ever easily replace your mobo with the same one if it died...
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    That itch! its coming closer and closer

    Sadly the 1080s are still $750 here in Australia, I dont plan to upgrade anytime soon, these 970's do pretty good all things considered. No not yet, those numbers are from the old system. I have only run Dota 2 since I got it all up and running, took a bit to get the drivers installed using...
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    That itch! its coming closer and closer

    Ok so a quick update, I got all the parts, got the 2700X for a bargin price off ebay with there 25% off thingy, got the MSI motherboard and I went with the G.Skill Ripjaws B-Die Memory 3600MHz and will clock it down and see how that goes. Anyway I thought I would do a before and after gaming...
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    Rumor: AMD's Zen 2, 7 nm Chips to Feature 10-15% IPC Uplift, Revised 8-core per CCX Design

    Im in the exact same boat as you, I am currently building a X470/2700X (As i got the 2700X at a big discount, only $30 more then the 2600X) and will just upgrade to Zen 2 if I wanted to in the future, or Zen 3. 10-15% IPC increase will over take intel easily as there is only a 3% difference...
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    Intel Core i9 8-core LGA1151 Processor Could Get Soldered IHS, Launch Date Revealed

    They need to be to be able to run at there all core clock speeds otherwise they would never hit those speeds and thermal throttle under normal cooling solutions.
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    Top Three Intel 9th Generation Core Parts Detailed

    Im very surprised at those clock speeds, thats alot higher then I was expecting considering how hard it is to keep the 8700/K at full all core boost speed without thermal throttling. Thats a whole 300MHz higher on all cores over the 7820X. Your going to have to spend $100-$200 ontop of the...
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    Microsoft's incompetence or deliberate performance degradation

    Have you tried a complete fresh install of the latest version of 10 (1803)? As yes I have seen slow downs on other computers soon after certain updates and a fresh install seems to help.