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    What CPU Next (personal machine)?

    4K gaming well you can run any CPU really its not going to show much of a difference in FPS, its all GPU bound at that Res. Question is do you care how much you spend? Adobe loves Clock speed so one of the Intel CPU's would be a better choice then the AMD. Z370/390 is a dead socket, what you...
  2. Melvis

    Intel Core i9-9900K

    Not exactly, Yes Intels is Hot hungry chips but back then there CPU's was also slower, today they are Hot hungry but faster.
  3. Melvis

    5400rpm SSHD vs 7200rpm HDD

    Thanks! True story too. @ bluescreendeath, like ive said before any of those drives will do fine when running Windows 7. By now you could of install it on both drives and found out for yourself really.
  4. Melvis

    AMD Zen 2 Offers a 13% IPC Gain over Zen+, 16% over Zen 1

    Wow thats alot bigger IPC gain then I was expecting this would put AMD infront of intel for pure IPC performance as they are only now around 3% difference, that is very impressive! Lers hope it does indeed turn out this way.
  5. Melvis

    5400rpm SSHD vs 7200rpm HDD

    Yes it is a big difference, I have experienced this multiple times with many many Clients and my own computers, 10 is very slow on a Mechanical HDD compared to 7. No not failure rate but the percentage is less and thats what they are showing, a percentage. More HDD's the less the percentage...
  6. Melvis

    5400rpm SSHD vs 7200rpm HDD

    SSHD would be faster yes, but again no where near as fast as a SSD. Windows 7? then you should be fine honestly, any 7200RPM drive will run it fine and at a descent speed, doesnt really require and SSD it be just a bonus really. Yeah I dont go by those stats at all as its to inconsistent, need...
  7. Melvis

    NVIDIA Announces Availability of GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card - Cheapest Raytracing on October 17th

    The cheapest ray tracing video card at 25FPS......
  8. Melvis

    5400rpm SSHD vs 7200rpm HDD

    Question is what OS are you going to be running? Windows 10? if so you need the fastest drive possible as its a dog of an OS when its run on a 5400 or even any type of Mechanical Hard Drive, but between the two id go 7200 for sure. If its Windows 7 you can get away with running it on ether 5400...
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    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    How the heck did this thread get to 11 pages long? PT retested, not perfect retest but retested with an actual 8 core CPU this time and we got results closer to all what we was expecting and at the same time proved intel wrong! Now its intels turn to redo there in house testing since they said...
  10. Melvis

    AMD Could Cut Prices of 2nd Gen Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Processors

    Thats cool and all, always nice to get cheaper CPU's but does AMD really need to cut there prices with Intel only going up?
  11. Melvis

    Giveaway: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (PC)

    Zombies!!!!! Thats what I look forward to in Black ops 4.
  12. Melvis

    Intel Officially Launches 9th Generation Processors Including the 8-Core / 16-Thread Core i9-9900K

    I havent used that argument before, stop making up stories to suit your self and well if I actually own or have used said hardware then it puts me clearly ahead of you and your so call said knowledge thats for sure!. Your right I dont know you but I know enough that tells me that you clearly...
  13. Melvis

    In Wake of Controversy, Intel-Paid Principled Technologies Retesting AMD Ryzen Processors

    Its good to see that they are going to retest and then should see different results. The sad part is intel originally agreed with there results by saying that is what we get in our labs as well, and they told PT to use Ryzenmaster on the 2700X....... So intel you going to retest as well then...
  14. Melvis

    Intel Officially Launches 9th Generation Processors Including the 8-Core / 16-Thread Core i9-9900K

    Ummm you must have got mixed up with someone else as no it was me laughing at your specs, I have a bad memory but I dont remember that at all. Wait.....so you want to replace it with an Ultra book but you said on Friday "ill be 32 or 64 then" o.O so which is it? or you just talking more...
  15. Melvis

    Intel Officially Launches 9th Generation Processors Including the 8-Core / 16-Thread Core i9-9900K

    Well of course if you haven't got the balls to even show us what your running and continue to talk trash all the time of course we are going to talk your PC down, dir! Ok so you are running a Q6600 huh? so yep you are right you have a cheap PC and its clear we dont have to remind you then do we...