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    Windows 10 User Error

    Did malwarebytes find a 1000 PUPs?
  2. Melvis

    Decent free antivirus that's just an antivirus?

    Hmm I will have to look into that one and see if it has indeed been improved to the performance of Avast. PC Speed up tool is shit though
  3. Melvis

    Decent free antivirus that's just an antivirus?

    Decent free antivirus Programs I would go with the following: Avast Free (What I have used personally for many yrs now) Bitdefender Free Kaspersky Free (Can be a pain with Chrome though) Avira Free Comodo Panda (its ok but has alot of false positives) 360 (Also has alot of false positives) On...
  4. Melvis

    Newegg Repents for Overpricing AMD APUs by Partially Refunding Customers

    At least its not a 40% increase like it is here in AUS....
  5. Melvis

    Which is the better faster GPU?

    Well if the GTX 1030 is the quicker card then the Ryzen 2400G is very nice as my little GTX 650 Ti GS 1GB plays most of the games I play at 900P very well. Cant wait to buy one and but it in my tiny itx case INWIN Chopin. Thanks guys!
  6. Melvis

    Which is the better faster GPU?

    As the title says, just wondering which of these GPU's today is the quicker card, the GTX 650 Ti or the GTX 1030 in overall gaming performance. :toast:
  7. Melvis

    ASUS Announces Support for AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors with Radeon Vega

    AsRock also have there motherboards updated for these CPU'S
  8. Melvis

    What if prices don't fall for years...

    The prices will drop once they realise no one is buying the stuff. It will come down just give it time.
  9. Melvis

    Who has TPU´s oldest pc still in use for daily task?

    I have an Amiga 2000, Commodore 64, Socket A and Socket 939 systems I use now and again but not on a daily bases. I guess my oldest every day computer would be the X58 system in my sig.
  10. Melvis

    AMD Ryzen Core P5 Build

    How do you find this system over your last system with the over all performance?
  11. Melvis

    Office 2019

    Typical MS and there Apple like ways, there only shooting themselves in the foot, I dont recommend Office 2016, I say go get 2013 or 2010 or LibreOffice, the more they do this kind of BS the more people will just find an alternative.
  12. Melvis

    MSI Outs Socket AM4 Motherboard BIOS Updates for "Raven Ridge" APU Support

    iTx AM4 boards please that support the new APU's!
  13. Melvis

    FINAL FANTASY XV Benchmark released

    My mate ran his newish gaming rig which was a prebuilt Acer Predator or something thats running a i7-7700, 16GB RAM and a GTX 1060 6GB and he scored 4045 High Quality. (Latest drivers) This is what my Rig scored, Im very impressed with my score compared to his! Keeping up with new gen very well!
  14. Melvis

    How my friend killed his Ryzen 1700X and RAM (First time ive ever seen this)

    Im not 100% sure but I will check for you once he returns home on Tuesday but far as I know its the same one that he flashed on there
  15. Melvis

    FINAL FANTASY XV Benchmark released

    My gaming laptop with a GTX 960m