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    Thank you man! Much appreciated!
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    Yeah, there is a little bit of sag, something which I tried to resolve but failed to do. This is also using the EKWB vertical GPU riser which mounts onto the motherboard mounting standoffs. Just the fact that it is upside-down and the PCIE slot has a little play on it creates the perfect storm...
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    Hahaha. The fan has to be pointing up, so the PSU can only be mounted like this :D
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    WetBench BC1

    Cheers brother! Awesome to hear :)
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    Yuel Beast Mobius

    Cheers bro! Thank you for taking the time to check it out and drop a comment! :)
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    Computer Desk

    10/10 amazing work with fabricating your own desk from only raw materials!
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    I love the custom acrylic distro on this. Very awesome!
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    Pzkpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II Casemod

    Awesome work. I guess that the wooden box underneath houses watercooling rads, pump and reservoir?
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    ROG Pagoda mod

    Amazing work!
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    Carbon EK X Edition

    Incredible work!
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    MetallicAcid's In Win 925

    It was worth a try.. Thank you mate! Anyone can build a PC these days as it has become so accessible, so I always try to add a little industrial design and attention to the most overlooked details whenever I build a new machine :)
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    Pzkpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II Casemod

    So you checked his profile and had seen that he only went in and shit posted on everyone's mods too? Mine was one of them. Hit that report button my man and lets get rid of this troll.
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    MetallicAcid's In Win 925

    Please take the time to read my custom mods underneath, and please change your score. My custom mods are the polished aluminium panels on the PSU shroud, and the inside of the chassis beside the motherboard. This panel beside the motherboard has a two-tone aesthetic that has the same design as...
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    Rollcage - An In Win D-Frame Mini project

    Thank you so much bro!
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    Torque Copper Edition

    Thanks bro. Make your build happen! :)