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    ASUS Launches Its ROG Bezel-Free Kits for Multi-monitor Configurations

    Pretty awesome actually for triple screen simracing and flight rigs.
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    Samsung Unveils New Odyssey Gaming Monitor Line-up at CES 2020

    Sim racers are waiting for a 600R, 5,760x1080, single screen. This is close :)
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    Black Holes

    Ok, here is my theory. It incorporates black holes within the line of thinking. Think of a universe as a sphere, that comes from a point (big bang). Now think of several sphere universes, all overlapping. Now think that our own 'observable universe', here on earth, occurs within several...
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    U.S. Government Shutdown Hits Several CES Exhibitors Hard

    As the delay became obvious, why couldn't they just put a few) people on a plane, with their xx number of prototypes, shipping from place of manufacture, to the location of CES? A few plane tickets, with excess baggage isn't that much if you have to have something there in time, and normal...
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    Absurd GPU Prices

    With the current 20% off sale, a few sellers have the gigabyte 1080ti wb them for $1135.20 (0.8 x 1419). https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/410705 I also saw a gigabyte one with the rad attached going for I think 1150 or so, when futu and such have their 20% off tech sales.
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    Absurd GPU Prices

    The mining boom late last year inflated the price of gpu's for a few months, til the difficulty rose enough, and the price of the coins dropped so much, that it was no longer economical to mine. This left a glutton of 1060's, 1070's and 1080's in the market, used and new. And because AMD...
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    GTX 1070 Firmware Overwritten by Malware - Unable to Reset

    Thought I might add 2c to the thread. Having recently had our home network hacked heavily, I had a terrible time trying to isolate and reload without reinfection. I learnt a lot, but in the end I had to just segregate off all my own devices into a subnet of our home network. It was literally...
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    HTML/HTTP Download Speed Limiter [SOLVED]

    Netlimiter allows you to individually select threads within an application to be throttled. (ip address+port)
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    NVIDIA Releases Comparison Benchmarks for DLSS-Accelerated 4K Rendering

    Will dlss only apply to new games? Or will they go over a catalogue of older games of dx12? (and dx11?)
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    Party Like It's 1998: Winamp to See New 2019 Release With Modern Features

    As above, I use aimp on android. It's about the only one where u can line up anything in your playlist easily, similiar to the original winamp on pc (2.95 version etc). The android version of winamp is a travesty, as it's nothing like the original pc version. I still use winamp on pc :) All...
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    Philips Launches the 356M6QJAB/11 1080p, 35" FreeSync Monitor With Ambiglow Tech

    It would be great if manufactures put out a 36" 1440p 144Hz monitor. 36" @ 1440p has the same dot pitch as 27" @ 1080p. It would suit alot of people I think.
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    Best wheel for someone that can't use pedals.

    Fanatec is coming out with a wheel that has analog paddles on the wheel (as well as shifting paddles). http://mailchi.mp/fanatec/we-are-proud-to-announce-csl-elite-steering-wheel-mclaren-gt3-57tattc66q?e=dba43b28d5 Just thought you might be interested infrared. :)
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    Best wheel for someone that can't use pedals.

    Some of the awesome stuff from that sub forum, "Sim Racing Desk with Hand Controls."
  14. metalslaw

    Best wheel for someone that can't use pedals.

    This post is actually from the iracers forum. There is a dedicated sub forum for those with a disability, "Forum List iRacers with Physical Challenges" Here is a stickied post by Glenn Sidman, "Hi All, http://www.SimAbility.com is a project I started a couple months ago with the goal of...