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    I-O Data Intros WiFi-enabled Card Reader

    See the "road-warriors" in the first phrase of the article. When you hit the road you normally don't carry your "main network/wifi/internet connection" with you. It's for those who want to extend iDevice fixed memory when being without internet connection. BTW, the price is good and I hope they...
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    Mac Pro Users Gain Unprecedented Performance With NVIDIA Quadro K5000

    I'm commenting on computers that are available now. Chances are there won't be any Mac Pro update this year so the things may stay the same for a while - No PCIe 3.0, no SLI. Sure, the card is designed with these features, but the features will work only when (or if) other computer hardware...
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    Mac Pro Users Gain Unprecedented Performance With NVIDIA Quadro K5000

    It's "precedented" performance. When released, Windows users will be able to use K5000 on PCIe 3.0 and in SLI, which are not possible on Macs.
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    Scythe Intros Easy HDD Rack Enclosure

    Smarter enclosures allow to disconnect HDD with button push or key switch. That's the smartness of interface. Normally smarter enclosures have fan, some have temperature monitoring. This one doesn't seem to have even fan mount and Scyche makes fans. This is what's dumb.
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    All's Well That Haswell?

    It didn't have to be that way. I still have ASrock 775Dual-VSTA motherboard with VIA PT880 chipset that was made for Pentium 4/Pentium D. It works with at least 4 generations of CPUs. From 90nm Pentium 4 to 45nm Core 2 Duo. Got both DDR1/DDR2 and AGP/PCIe support too.
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    Sandy Bridge-E 2011 Launch Put on Slide, Ivy Bridge in March-April 2012

    Not to shit on your parade, but 35W Core i3-2100T is already way more powerful than E8400.
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    Intel Smart Response Technology Detailed

    Reportedly priced at $120 (because it's SLC) http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-ssd-311-series-larson-creek-pictured-and-priced/12097.html What to say? Excellent pricing. Who in sober mind would choose this versus 60GB SSD boot drive?
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    Intel Smart Response Technology Detailed

    Wrong. You can't. 2-4GB is too small. But it's OK for ReadyBoost which you could use 4.5 years ago if you wanted. And you need to know what card to get, with slow one you get bam, instant speed knock. Source link doesn't work. It appears that vr-zone reported this 3 days earlier than...
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    Dell Intros AMD Brazos Platform-based Inspiron Notebooks

    Why NewEgg price? dm1z is currently $428 directly from HP. Was $400 last week. Was $353 in late February for a few days. And it's got Gigabit LAN, Dell only got 100 Mbit.
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    ViewSonic Delivers the Best of Both Worlds with Availability of its ViewPad 10 Tablet

    Are you talking about Android update, or Windows Update? I'm sure it will benefit from monthly Windows security updates from Microsoft. I believe you were thinking about Android updates - then forget it. 1.6 is the latest for x86. If Google ever releases next version, Viewsonic won't bother.
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    Lenovo's AMD Fusion Powered ThinkPad Starts Shipping

    HP dm1z was on sale on Thursday. Got one for $352. 6-cell battery, 3GB RAM, 7200rpm hdd, bluetooth. This Lenovo will cost $619 in the same configuration.
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    Freecom Launches World's Thinnest Mobile Hard Drive Exclusively for Macs

    And they are lying about "World's Thinnest". It has 10mm thickness. Here is 5mm thick drive http://blogs.consumerreports.org/electronics/2008/09/buffalo-techs-s.html It is 1.8", but they didn't say World's Thinnest 2.5", just World's Thinnest. Also here is 9.9mm thick 2.5" drive, also the...
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    ASUS Readies Fully-Loaded Brazos-Powered E35MI-I Deluxe Motherboard

    Yes, but why wasn't it there in 790GX and 785G then? Same 4xxx series Radeon. I would suspect that AMD might be fighting for every milliwatt in this chip and give up PAP support logic for die size and power consumption. Although, I could be wrong. In November PC Perspective said that "According...
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    ASUS Readies Fully-Loaded Brazos-Powered E35MI-I Deluxe Motherboard

    Why do people assume so? I've never seen confirmation for that. For example, AMD 890GX chipset has Radeon HD 4290 graphics. Radeon HD 4xxx support 7.1 LPCM audio but 890GX does not. If AMD crippled embedded graphics in chipsets they certainly can do so in APU.
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    MSI to Integrate Killer NIC with Motherboards?

    I've seen some reviews previously (maybe for previous generation of the card). Everybody compared Killer NIC with cheap on-board controller like Realtek. Nobody compared it with $30 Intel PRO NIC card. This would make sense to me - to compare it with inexpensive NIC add-on card that provides...