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    I like cherry brown's but what's best?

    yep, i have gateron and kailh keyboard somewhere, so far i can recall it's good but MX for me is more consistent, but for price and stuff ratio gateron and kailh is pretty decent
  2. micropage7

    I like cherry brown's but what's best?

    in here many entry point keyboard using kailh or gateron, so if you don't mind to try cherry is good but for mechanical keyboard sometimes back to person
  3. micropage7

    Ghetto Mods

    i just find out that i can use straws to fill the gap between the upper case and the pcb and so far it works well but the switches is pretty loud for kinda blue switch so dampening not affect too much, just it makes the keyboard more solid but still loud AF
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    Genesis Unveils the Irid 505 White ARGB Case

    with many copy and paste, there's no copyright claim over that one?
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    Ghetto Mods

    looks like south east asia style:roll:
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    Ghetto Mods

    what about some electrical cable? actually i don't like using any tape coz it leaves gluey layer on the cable and i don't have any heat shrink so i use plastic from snack to cover it if you ask me is that safe? yeah although it's not water proof it's pretty safe but i don't recommend it for...
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    Dead Motherboard?

    i agree, just test without any components, likely it's from the board but you need to check it further to make sure
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    Norton crypto

    wow, it looks i need to consider more crypto for further
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    Would you buy a 4 GB graphics card in 2022?

    for me, yea i'm gonna buy it coz i just rely on dual monitor, photoshop and few games, so basically for me 4gb is just fine
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    Drivers for network for Windows7 64bt XP 32bt

    just look at the device manager and right click on the item and see properties > detail and look at hardware ids and you gonna find something like this one USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8179&REV_0000 just google it and google will find the driver, some maybe from the other brands, but it doesn't matter if...
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    damn nice, remind me of samsung wallpaper
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    Ghetto Mods

    just add more plastic from bread bag for sound dampening so far it looks pretty good for sound dampening, just the gap between the pcb and the aluminum top that left since it's harder to slip the plastic there without opening the whole keyboard
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    Lenovo Legion Launches Four New Gaming Notebooks at CES

    actually it looks good just the placement of usb connector, why they put that on the back where harder to access
  14. micropage7

    FAKE GT 730 CARD

    why don't you complain and return the card than sweating for something that may not work? if you wanna try please put the pic of memory and the GPU, just try your luck
  15. micropage7

    Ghetto Mods

    hahaa.. not me it's from the factory maybe they think more tin is better than less tin, if it blobs no one gonna open it and see what's behind the case