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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Accidentally Listed on Amazon

    i hope ryzen 2 clocks higher, im an intel user but competition is good, however, from the first gen ryzen products we learned quickly that the max xfr boost was damn close to the max all core overclocks lets just hope amd was being conservative with the boost clocks because supposedly cannonlake...
  2. Midland Dog

    Google To Ban Crypto-Related Advertisements

    my bad thats what i get for reading the title then commenting
  3. Midland Dog

    Google To Ban Crypto-Related Advertisements

    i call bs, i had a crypto currency trading ad on youtube just 5 mins ago
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    Samsung Begins Mass-production of 30.72-terabyte PM1643 SSD

    Do they accept kidneys lungs and testicles as valid transaction or nah
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    Samsung Begins Mass-production of 30.72-terabyte PM1643 SSD

    when i win the lotto ill get one and tell ya how it goes
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    Intel "Ice Lake-U" Gen 11 iGPU Features 48 Execution Units

    raja is doing something i guess, i bet that half the shit wont work, hey at least they will go back to solder when they find out that rajas hotter than curry architecture is too hot for tim, nah im pulling ya leg, i guess its good to see that mobile parts will at least be somewhat capable, i...
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    AMD Cancels Implicit Primitive Shader Driver Support

    nvidia and amd need to own a big share in the console space for any of these techs to make it to pc because companies seem to want to put peasants before us
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    DeepCool Intros Earlkase RGB White Edition

    its literally a genome on the inside tbh
  9. Midland Dog

    Intel Could Ditch AMD dGPU Die on Future Core G-series MCMs with "Arctic Sound"

    It would be a good start to overhaul drivers for the older igps, i want to see them take an intel hd 3000 and squeeze as much perf as possible out of it through driver improvements, it would be a fun exercise for the software devs and would be good practise
  10. Midland Dog

    Intel Acknowledges: More BSODs Affecting "Haswell" and "Broadwell"

    they better not take performance of us to fix it, im barely scraping the bottom of the barrel with my g3258 already
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    Sapphire Shows the Elusive RX Vega Nitro+ Graphics Card at CES 2018

    im not an amd fan but i really wish that the aibs got these cards to amd users sooner, for competition sake
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    NVIDIA's Latest Titan V GPU Benchmarked, Shows Impressive Performance

    soz for reviving a dead thread (drunk decisions make up %50 of my life) but volta has a hardware scheduler if you read the white paper
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    AMD Officially but Silently Downgrades Radeon RX 560 with an 896 SP Variant

    no where on the box did it say that it had the full bandwidth, thats just people assuming things, the box never said what bandwidth it had, it just said 4gb, which was true, if the box said 4gb gddr5 @ full bandwidth then yeah but no it said 4gb and the card can use 4gb even if the last bit was...