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    Bought new speakers but chirping noise is back.

    This is why we run XLR balanced interconnects.
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    Sivga SV023 Open-Back, Over-Ear Headphones

    A dB is a dB any extended listening at elevated SPL will damage your hearing has no frequency dependence. 90dB for 8 hrs is OSHA standard.
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    When will gpu prices return to normal.

    AMD's debacle was the bundle scam they ran with either the 5700XT or Vega 56/64. You got the lower price only if you bought a monitor/game bundle. If they just priced the card at 350 USD, not 500 USD it would have flown off the shelves as a 390X upgrade option.
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    Bought new speakers but chirping noise is back.

    There are a infinite sources of noise from analog to digital. Look at this. https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/Category:Interfering Most of these have sound files to listen to. Here is my SDR in action on Youtube Common fixes 1. Poor grounding 2. Place iron chokes on cables , very inexpensive...
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    When will gpu prices return to normal.

    832.65/365 is 4.56 USD a day to own this card. A daily meal at a FF establishment is more.
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    Monitor colors calibration?

    Hard to check all boxes in your price range. Do not forget most movies are delivered at 24 fps with a 3:2 pulldown. Some newer RED cameras do 60 FPS for movies. If you really want to be spoiled book a viewing time at a high end dealer and watch a film projected by a 100K Christie Digital system.
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    When will gpu prices return to normal.

    My take on pricing 1. Poor die yield at EUV litho scale. 2. ROI comes up very quick when people expect new GPUs every year. Didn't NVDIA give ASML 5 billion just to reserve EUV time (40XX series)? You know the stockholders want this back ASAP. 3. The days of AMD offering a competitive...
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    6600 XT Poor Image Quality

    Stop using the game to determine video quality use this video from a 100K 8K professional camera. 108p can look outdated now.
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    Can You Hear the Difference between Uncompressed and MP3 Audio?

    Choice of mic will dramatically affect sound. Stereophile magazine did a test where the editor spoke and recorded his voice with 15 diff mics and the sounds changes from mic to mic. Some were smooth and some are sibilant and harsh. For example here is a review of a pair of headphones and this...
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    Mouse peed on GPU and now corrosion is visible

    Get a spray can of contact cleaner https://www.amazon.com/DeoxIT-D5S-6-Contact-Cleaner-Integrated/dp/B0002BBV4G/ref=sr_1_15?crid=3K2EV37P7DPT9&keywords=contact+cleaner&qid=1662309478&sprefix=contact+cleaner%2Caps%2C92&sr=8-15
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    Can You Hear the Difference between Uncompressed and MP3 Audio?

    Yeah the 4 Sprauge electroytic power supply capacitors in the Threshold amp are rated at 250,000 microfarad. You could unplug it and jump start a car. Lethal voltages here. Amp output was one HP (800 watts) at 8 ohms. Class A design all hand wired and matched Darlington transistors in a TO3...
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    Can You Hear the Difference between Uncompressed and MP3 Audio?

    Good read here my take on audio in general Hope this helps I am a retired professional chemist with a specialty in analytical instrumentation and have a relative in the recording industry. I have knowledge of the consumer and pro side of audio. I have been noticing a lot of posts about speaker...
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    How to quickly & easily fix coil-whine(coil choke noise)

    I use a piece of wire to apply CA if I light the hardened bead it does burn folks.