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    [FS] closed

    Great stuff and a great seller here!
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    How much capacity and density are you looking for? 16 gigs via 4x4GB sticks or 16 gigs via 2x8GB sticks?
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    [FS/FT][US] i7 5930k, 32GB Corsair Dominators, 2x MSI 780 Ti, and other goodies

    Bump, will update with price reductions soon. Message me if you’re interested.
  4. mlee49

    [FS/FT][US] i7 5930k, 32GB Corsair Dominators, 2x MSI 780 Ti, and other goodies

    Hello! Been a while since I've listed a FS thread however after a much needed upgrade I have some decent parts that could use a good home. Please message me for all inquiries and current trades looking for a GTX 10 series card. All prices include shipping within US lower 48 states, not looking...
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    [WTB] GTX 770

    Hello, I have two MSI 780 It's available, would be happy to negotiate a reasonable price.
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    [WTB] High Core Count Xeon CPU (X99 v3/v4) or ThreadRipper Combo

    Hi there, I just upgraded from a 5930k, 4x4GB 2600MHz ram, and dual 780 Ti's. Interested in any if that?
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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    FYI, Fast.com runs a speed test through Netflix servers. Alternative to speedtest.net or your ISP's custom BS
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    Your PC ATM

    Are you mouting that rad on that Silverstone case?
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    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    Has anyone mentioned Dark Souls 3? This game has some amazing sound, especially the boss battles.
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    Free Games Thread

    I played it years ago, it was fun for a few hours but then lost interest cause I couldn't play with friends.
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    OFFICIAL Doom (Discussion)

    I honestly don't like twitch shooters but totally understand why others might like them. I wonder if there may be power ups similar to the berzerker and invulnerability where you could speed up gameplay a bit.
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    OFFICIAL Doom (Discussion)

    Please tell me you guys have seen this: 1) Double pedal metal track 2) Kick ass weapons (new and classics) 3) Executions 4) Classic run n gun tactics (aka go ape shit) 5) Demons: new, revamps, and classics 6) New gameplay mechanics: ledge climbing, double jump(?), executions, weapons...
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    Looking to replace my aging Laptop. Thoughts?

    Honestly every brand has problems, some just deal with them better than others. My Gigabyte P25WV2 was great for the 1st year but then the monitor board started flaking out. I have yet to have it repaired but I have a 3 year add on warranty with Newegg, so I'm well covered. Honestly, gaming...
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    **ENDED**Giveaway Time-**Dark souls 3**

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!! :toast::lovetpu: I would love to play DS3, it looks amazing but soooooo hard. I would be interested in testing my patience with this game. Fingers officially crossed.