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    The Team Fortress 2 Clubhouse

    I've been playing TF2 for quite a while and I'm glad that fellows from TPU are just into it as me. I joined a clan over the summer and now we have two full-time 32 slot servers: 24/7 2FORT INSTANT SPAWN HLSTATS DUSTBOWL/GOLDRUSH/BADWATER HLSTATS...
  2. MoeDaKilla

    Budget Build ~$400

    thanks shadow, but I would like to see some other opinions, and I definitely want to stick to Intel and Asus mobos.
  3. MoeDaKilla

    Budget Build ~$400

    Yes, I live in the US, and like Newegg.
  4. MoeDaKilla

    Budget Build ~$400

    List, please, I'm too lazy to got throught the process again. If anyone can fit in an E7200 with that budget lemme know :rolleyes:
  5. MoeDaKilla

    Budget Build ~$400

    I'll get straight to the point. I'm building a PC for a friend who doesnt game. He does not need any peripherals/monitor/speakers. Just the PC itself. I thought the E7200 was a good place to start, but you guys may have other suggestions. The PC will not be used for gaming or video encoding, but...
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    Re-Overclocking My Q9450 with stock ASUS P5E BIOS

    For now, my 24/7 settings are sufficient, but I'm just prepping for som of the newer titles like Clear Sky and Far Cry 2 to come out because I use a 24" monitor
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    Re-Overclocking My Q9450 with stock ASUS P5E BIOS

    Come on, I know there are other Yorkfield overclockers out there. :(
  8. MoeDaKilla

    X3350 vs E8x00

    Haha the screenshot of the ASUS PC Probe Utility had me rofling. -60 C MB temp. ASUS doesn't take too much care into making their diagnostic software. Use Realtemp and make sure you calibrate it correctly. The W1zz's directions are easy to follow when calibrating btw.
  9. MoeDaKilla

    Re-Overclocking My Q9450 with stock ASUS P5E BIOS

    BTW here are my current 24/7 Settings (for 400x8) because they are not updated in my sig. CORE Voltage: 1.3125 CPU PLL Voltage: 1.68 FSB Termination Voltage: 1.38 DRAM Voltage: 2.10 North Bridge Voltage: 1.43 South Bridge Voltage: Auto Loadline Calibration: Enabled CPU GTL...
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    Re-Overclocking My Q9450 with stock ASUS P5E BIOS

    I'm currently using the ASUS P5E 0702 BIOS, but have flashed my mobo to the Rampage BIOS from before but switched back because I was getting too many BSOD's and driver conflicts. With that BIOS I reached 445x8, but it wasn't prime stable, but I got a couple of runs of 3dMark06 and PCMark 05 out...
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    DFI Bloodirons - any good?

    Referring to one of your earlier posts, I actually have an ASUS P5E and I love it. Thats with an X38 chipset, and probably much more useful if you plan to Crossfire and want a full-featured mobo. Sure P35's and some P45's overclock higher, but you will not get the same feature set. As far as...
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    Is this vcore safe?

    Wow :twitch::twitch: 1.525 is a lot of voltage for any 45 nm cpu, even on suicide runs I never give my Q9450 more than 1.42 volts. I suggest sticking to something like 1.36 and maybe tinkering with the other voltage like NB and FSB termination will help you reach 4 GHz.
  13. MoeDaKilla

    nice two cooler

    The first Gigabyte one he showed is actually a great cooler, and got good reviews all over the internet. Look it up, it's the GPower 2 Pro which is much better than the Triton70. Go for the GPower 2 Pro, because it's a very good cooler. A lot of the guys might be discouraged because Gigabyte...
  14. MoeDaKilla

    May be time for a new case

    I suggest a couple of cases. Gigabyte Mars (Available in black or silver) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811233026 Gigabyte Aurora (Available in black or silver) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811233012 CM Stacker 810...
  15. MoeDaKilla

    Should i upgrade?

    I would probably wait for now, but you can always get a Q6600 like the other guys have said. I would personally save up for Nehalem, or at least wait until it comes out so the older gen parts will be less expensive.