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    nope, ended up buying a new bios chip that was pre flashed to save the wait, my systems up and running now :)

    Feels snappier than the quad, plus its topped out at 43 degrees during black ops and on the stock cooler. Yes! :D
    Oh im not after a swap just a cpu to perform the flash.
    Well that or if you hear through the grape vine that anyones selling a 5850 drop me some info my man :)
    Let me know for first dibs my man.
    Sorry man, havent been around enough though to know whats for sale and such :(

    Anyway, how the fuck did you land on an i7 and a 800D? Has the world gone mad in my absence?
    swifty yes, if you do use a rad up top, and a single in the back as I have, make sure to set the triple in first. I had the rig set up with the single already before I added the triple inside. Had to force fit the triple, it wasnt pretty.
    800d is good if your watercooling, not so good if your not.

    As for thinking of keeping it, darn it! lol
    That's what I'm asking, do you still have the 5870n cooler dude?

    Also I've been being festive! yous?
    Get paid tomorow ( will be in tuesday) still got that cooler?

    What other stuff do you have that I would like?
    What did I say? lol

    Also yeah man epic! gota love removing bays for better airflow! as I normallly only use 1 or 2 it's pointless having a whole cage, same with you I guess?
    I was almost sure you could of worked that out from the previous sentence, bloody northerner!

    How much monies?

    Was going to paypal you it now if you answered lol
    Hey MP, don't have access to computer at the minute will try and send you monies tomorrow at work D:

    How much is it?
    hi mate i see you are busy in the buy/sell forum, do you have any black dvdrw's around, sata preferred
    Ride up to where my rig is now and hope he hasn't deleted my os files yet :p he he

    If not I'll borrow a cd from work and use my own key.
    That's cool man, link me to your heat will leave you some feedback for the GPU.
    lol I forgot to burn myself a seven disc for new rig XD
    Hey piggy, card is here turned up the other day, did you manage to buy your bits so the phenom can be sent xx
    sorry bubby :(

    Yes, E8200 with £20. yes or no. VERY tempted.
    E8200, not 400 :/ 3.8Ghz @ 1.35v + £20 - yes? no?
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