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    I got it figured out, thanks for the reply. The picture shows how to choose a frame to use as the thumbnail.
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    Just curious if anyone here uses this to create DVD menus? I'm having a small issue and could use some feedback. When I add video files to the menu, the thumbnail is pixelated, like it's not extracting the thumbnail correctly. Does anyone using this program have this issue? Thanks.
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    It's YOUR fault!! Haha just teasing.
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    Frustrated... Trying to build a new budget gaming PC and the hardware prices are ridiculous right now. Is this driving anyone else crazy?
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    Rise of The Tomb Raider DX12

    Yep, I gain about 15fps in directx 12 with this game.
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    Video editing

    Looking for an AIO solution, I need it to do the following... Capture video from USB devices Edit and crop video Export to relatively small file sizes Create custom DVD menus and burn. Also must have an easy learning curve, it's for people that really have no experience in this type of...
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    Video Capture Device

    Converting hundreds of videos from VHS, Hi8, etc... to DVD Not sure how to specify this anymore then I did. Any decent software, would work with just about any capture device.
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    Video Capture Device

    I specified what I was looking for.
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    Looking to buy...

    Looking for used smartphones. Working or not. iPhones, Samsung, etc... Will pay a fair price.
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    Video Capture Device

    Could someone recommend any decent/good video capture software? Converting hundreds of videos from VHS, Hi8, etc... to DVD The capture device hardware I have comes with some crappy software and was looking for something a little better. Thanks
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    What are you playing?

    I've been hooked on Dead by Daylight. Really fun game.
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    Gaming keyboard

    100 bucks or so. Doesn't matter if its mechanical or not. Thanks for the reply!
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    Gaming keyboard

    Looking for a wireless gaming keyboard with LED backlit keys. Have been searching Ebay, Newegg, and Amazon and CAN NOT find one. Anyone have any ideas ? Just looking for advice on the above, not feedback about how I shouldn't be using a wireless this... or that for gaming. Thanks!
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    The 1050 with 4GB should be like $130 if that ...
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    Bottleneck or FPS Problem

    If your games are smooth and NOT choppy... why worry about it? Too many people are stuck on this "bottleneck" ... don't worry about it... it doesn't exist!