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    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    Holding a heli still is damn hard:D They have a natural tendency to drift and yaw and once you rocked it too much, stabilizing it is a real issue. Well the console controller's stick travel is bit guilty there. Too sensitive. I haven' flown a heli on PC yet; I did find them relatively hard to...
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    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    Yeah heli training IS hard. But its hard in real life, too. I was pleasantly surprised that helis are as unstable in GTA as they are in real life. Just be gentle on the sticks and you're fine.
  3. MRCL

    First round the world solar flight

    Well I guess I can't really give out detailed flight information as I don't know about the confidentiality of those. We receive the flight plans well in advance and also handle their overflight permissions and stuff. They do their hole preparation via us.
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    First round the world solar flight

    Nice dudes, those two. I'm talking to them occasionally and handling their flight plans *brag*
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    I got a mechanical keyboard

    Mechanical keyboards can be a bitch, deal with it. However pressing the function key to use multimedia keys is indeed ridiculous, but what are you gonna do when it has no dedicated multimedia keys? If you use them that much, I wouldn't have compromised there. Pressing a button to press a button...
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    Water Cooled Laptop

    ...I'm following this. It sounds nigh on impossible, but where would we be if we didn't attempt the impossible.
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    Happy 2014 TPU!

    Happy new year guys! Although I spent New Years Eve working the nightshift, it was a great start. And 2014 will begin big in tech, at least for me. PC upgrade up in this bi...nary compund!
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    Grammar police

    Since the Oxford guys changed the meaning of "literally" to also mean "figuratively", everything is possible.
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    Wii Super Mario game - almost unplayable

    This is indeed weird. While I never played Mariokart on the Wii, I have played quite the variety of games. With normal Wiimotes, these with the +addon, the newer Wiimotes that have the +addon incorporated and even el cheapo Gamestop knockoff Wiimotes and while there was a noticeable difference...
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    How often do you change your PC case?

    I used to change it quite often. The case I use now is like three or four years old. I'm changing it soon again, tough. And then we'll see.
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    Have you ever seen... This !

    Well, for the price, you get, uhm, support and erm... well... Aight, you get the PC with the specs, they will custom make the case, they will deliver it to you anywhere in Switzerland (save for the places so remote you can only reach them by cable car or similar), install it, and pretty much do...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 is FREE today only on Steam!*

    I, too, got it now. Its 3:36am here (why am I awake at this hour again?), so I guess server load died down.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 is FREE today only on Steam!*

    Its free until 10am PST on the 26th. *calculate* that means 7pm gmt+1, where I live, hopefully until then the lagging dies down.
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    New memory installed, now can't boot

    And if you try with only one of the new sticks?
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    Left 4 Dead 2 is FREE today only on Steam!*

    Lol Steam is lagging worse than dial-up HD-Streaming for sure.