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    Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Performance

    I've been waiting years to find a case that has the same kind of block connection for the HDD's, really tidies up the cables when connecting multiple HDD's. Mesh cover at the bottom is nice too.
  2. MrGRiMv25

    Correct original stock bios for AMD RX 570 4G

    That bios you installed say's it's for Samsung memory versions of the card, if GPU-Z is reporting correctly then you have a card with Elpida RAM on it - if GPU-Z is reporting wrong then you'll need to take the heatsink off and grab the serial numbers from the RAM and get a bios that has the...
  3. MrGRiMv25

    Remasters that you would like to see?

    I think it did get a "sort of" remaster a few years ago, never could complete that game, smashed an Amiga A500+ trying to.... :(
  4. MrGRiMv25

    Xeon Owners Club

    I've had a look all over the web and can't find anything referring to [opt.] - I wonder if it means [opt]imized or something?
  5. MrGRiMv25

    IndigoBench Post Your Scores!

    I can do 4.1-4.3 while gaming, but certain benchmarks are too much for it as I can't increase voltage as it's all done through Throttleclock. I'm also not paying any money for an X58 board as for the price they're going for I can get a much better system.
  6. MrGRiMv25

    IndigoBench Post Your Scores!

    I dropped it down to 3.7 from 4.4 as my HP workstation board hasn't got the most robust VRM section haha!
  7. MrGRiMv25

    IndigoBench Post Your Scores!

    Not too bad for an ageing 10 year old platform. CPU was dropped to 3.73Ghz and the RX 570 Nitro+ was on the silent BIOS.
  8. MrGRiMv25

    New build compter only seams to work with RAM in DIMM-slot B1 and\or B2

    That's the correct speed for it, it's 1500Mhz doubled up for 3000 MT/s.
  9. MrGRiMv25

    Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Free to Grab on Epic Games Store

    I only grabbed it due to the Magpie in me, was never gonna pay £30-40 for it no matter what marketplace. :oops:
  10. MrGRiMv25

    OpenCL ticked OFF

    Might be worth using DDU to completely remove the Nvidia drivers then reinstall them freshly, that might sort it. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  11. MrGRiMv25

    Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Free to Grab on Epic Games Store

    Grabbed it earlier just as their servers were starting to flake out. :cool:
  12. MrGRiMv25

    Problems with Sapphire Pulse RX560

    Definitely sounds like it, a refund is probably your only bet now I think. :(
  13. MrGRiMv25

    Problems with Sapphire Pulse RX560

    Was it from eBay or a different selling site? If it's eBay and Paypal at least you have some kind of buyers protection. Hope you get it sorted either way.
  14. MrGRiMv25

    AMD Ryzen 3 3100 Pushed to 5.92 GHz Under LN2 Cooling

    I think it's more like "DAMN" considering Ryzen doesn't really clock that high, even with insane cooling.
  15. MrGRiMv25

    Problems with Sapphire Pulse RX560

    Sounds a bit dodgy that he say's he had it working with the 20.4.2 drivers with no artifacts and you're getting artifacts with the 20.2.2 drivers. It's almost like once the basic VGA driver is replaced and it has to run in 3d mode it's playing up.