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    Some findings reported by mindfactory on GPU failure rates.

    I did, once, buy cheap, XFT for some WCG work. They didn’t last long running 100% for weeks. I guess we all have to learn. I’m little surprised the MSI/AMD models fare that bad. The Nvidia models that I punnish runs for years 24/7/365. Maybe just luck
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I decommissioning my 2700Xs partly due to the summer heat, party due to the poor performance, even my 12 year old Intel at lower speed does better on OPN. MIP has been out for long due to the huge memory use. Well winter will return, just hope that job will as well.
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    What is the oldest piece of continually running hardware you currently use with your rig?

    X58-UD7, OC’ed since day one. 11 year now and since I recently decided to only run it day time it from time to time have a RAM detection problem. It will eventually boot.
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    Screen blanking out ONLY in Windows 10

    PSU seem to be able to deliver the ampere needed. Try @neatfeatguy suggestion. Please, please fill out your system spec. The long start up time suggest RAM problem.
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    Screen blanking out ONLY in Windows 10

    Only in Windows you say, so Linux is good? Edit: ahh, wrong wording from your side, you have a windows only system (not a dual boot with Linux ) and when it is not busy wasting time playing games it misbehave.
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    Aorus X570 Master

    Sad for sure. It would be interesting to know if the deaths are due to a common reason.
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    Have you got pie today?

    @PolRoger got some new HW I see, nice.
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    GPU Overheating

    Nice try, prebuilt I’m sure. Its a GB, they are not the best, but the real problem here is to get the hot air out. @Soreen find out if you can fit a 120 mm fan or two in your case.
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    GPU Overheating

    That is the chip name, not the GPU model name. Gigabyte have 16 models listed with that chip!
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Welcome. The bandwidth is not a big deal, the Summer heat is for some.
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    GPU Overheating

    They have 1 and 2 fan versions with 90 mm. We still doesn’t know which model OP has. I didn’t study the case i detail, but there might be a possibility to add a fan or two in the front, at least a google picture search showed a RGB version with two fans.
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    GPU Overheating

    Gigabyte made more then one model. Anyway what is interesting is how far up the fans are going and how your model compare to a similar one tested. Sure it will live at 90 degree C, but I’m sure it will live longer at 75. Edit: Gamemax Experdition is a one fan micro case. You are f**ked with...
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    GPU Overheating

    My money is on that it isn’t a MSI ;) Edit: we need to know what case/fans you have and of course which GPU. Ambient temperature? Please include the curves from MSI Afterburner from a game session or what it is that bring your GPU up to 87 C. Setting a lower power limit is a solution.
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    No signal !

    You say that you didn’t fry your mother board. Does that mean that the PC is running now?