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Aug 30, 2016 at 1:13 PM
Oct 6, 2004
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Moderprator, from Australalalalalaia.

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People need to stop asking me questions here, as i get no notifications posts have been made here. Feb 15, 2015

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Aug 30, 2016 at 1:13 PM
    1. Solaris17
      your avitar is old again

      /request change
    2. Solaris17
      thanks bro
    3. Mussels
      solaris - Comments and feedback
    4. Solaris17
      do you know if its possible if we can make a psp ds hand held sub forum under games? or at least a sticky for each one? i think it would be cool :)
    5. Mussels
      no idea - likely its the image server as i've never seen a picture limit before.
    6. CDdude55
      I was here.yay
    7. ryanomac
      Thank for the help and info man I really appreciate it. Ive been to alot of forums and when people ask thing that are generally considered noob questions they get shunned, but this seems a little different. Ive never seen 3 people come to help and answer questions that quickly all without any negativity
    8. Mussels
      but the forums LIKE it
    9. Solaris17
      stop whoring the forums :P
    10. Mussels
      interesting, JMCSLOB.

      Its something i find myself saying a lot, but i need to say it again.

      I cannot read minds, and i am not borg-linked with the TPU servers - if you want help, you DO have to link me to the thread/post that is your problem.
    11. jmcslob
      need help
    12. TheMailMan78
      Thats Carmack man. You better recognize sucka!
    13. Mussels
      i was at wooooork.

      we have a thread about the outages in the feedback section.
    14. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      are you awake young man or are you playing with your new gfs he he [IMG]
    15. Mussels
      You are wasting everyones time. You broke forum rules making thread after thread on the same topic, you had three about your laptop at the same time.

      I said in your thread - This is an english speaking forum. If you cant speak english properly, we cant help you here.

      P.S - moderators are something like police. You can ask for help - but dont ever think you can tell them what to do.
    16. @RaXxaa@
      i dint waste anyone's tym and u got proven wrong by having misconception on the proof! so stop closing my threads and stop wasting my tym and effort!
    17. Mussels
      if you want to ask for advice, make a thread - get the communitys opinion as well as mine.

      Contrary to popular belief, i dont know EVERYTHING.
    18. grunt_408
      lol roger that. Stop pervin on my arse hehe , the reason I asked you is because you may have had a better idea than me of what the stuff was worth and the fact that you live in the same country would have helped me aswell. I wasnt asking you to join the forum or anything just for some helpfull advice. Its all good next time I will leave you out of it.
    19. Mussels
      i get a looooooot of PM's.

      asking me for price advice for a sale on another forum is like... asking me if your ass looks big in that dress. its not like i could give a constructive answer.

      (BTW, your ass is fine)
    20. Triprift
    21. grunt_408
      Triprift said fu@Kin ignore my pm why dont ya:D
    22. Mussels
      the original image had something less...savoury, than eating.

      It still results in some amusing moments :D
    23. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Hey, to the left of your avatar I'd either have my pc speaker if I'm at home, or a large box of rubber bands when I'm at work!
      Ewww... :laugh:
    24. grunt_408
    25. phanbuey
      so I saw ur post on Ultimate defrag 2008... its amazing! I was thinking about short stroking my array, but now I don't need to! Thanks :D
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    Optical Drive: Samsung Blu Ray drive (SH-B083A)
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    Mouse: Logitech G700S + G700
    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate + Logitech Dinovo Edge
    Software: Windows 10 pro x64 (all systems)
    Benchmark Scores: Laptops i7-3632QM + 7670 2GB (OC'd to 2.9GHz, 801/920) i3 Ultrabook (Daily PC on HDTV), i3 380UM
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