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  1. my_name_is_earl

    Valve Steam Deck FAQs Shed More Light on the Hot New Portable Console

    My pre-order is pushed back to Q2 2022... WTF Valve?
  2. my_name_is_earl

    HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse Now Compatible with NVIDIA Reflex

    I still don't get these honey comb shape mouse. It's a cleaning nightmare.
  3. my_name_is_earl

    Battlefield 2042 Delayed to November 19

    Diablo 2 is gonna keep me occupied for awhile. No biggie. Also, after the horrible written BFV SP campaign, I could care less for another SP. Way to kill SP Dice.
  4. my_name_is_earl

    NVIDIA and its Partners to Bundle Battlefield 2042 with RTX 30-series Desktops and Laptops

    Good luck finding anything reasonably priced.
  5. my_name_is_earl

    Dell Cannot Ship Select Alienware Aurora R10/R12 Systems to Several US States Due To New Power Regulations

    You people voted for climate change bs... You deserved it. Now see your politician make it a reality for you. See your gas and electric bill go up. Enjoy and don't move from where you're at. You're just gonna ruin another state.
  6. my_name_is_earl

    Steam Deck Features M.2 2230 NVMe SSD Slot

    Bruah... it run linux. It's a emulator heaven. Preorder one.
  7. my_name_is_earl

    Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch (OLED model) With a Vibrant 7-inch OLED Screen, Launching October 8th

    I was hoping they update the GPU. Some game suffer massive frame drop when populated with effect.
  8. my_name_is_earl

    Graphics DRAM Contract Prices Projected to Rise by 8-13% QoQ in 3Q21 Due to Tight Supply in Contract Market, Says TrendForce

    More like world wide inflation. Everyone rather hold physical goods than useless cash.
  9. my_name_is_earl

    Mixcder Introduces G1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

    I was like "Is that the new Switch Pro?" Then, I look closer.
  10. my_name_is_earl

    The Next Battlefield is Battlefield 2042 Set in World War 3

    Full price for no single player. I hope this is not going to be a trend.
  11. my_name_is_earl

    GIGABYTE Introduces First Eyesafe Gaming Monitors

    I'm tired of wearing Gunnar glass. It's not comfortable in the long run. This is perfect.
  12. my_name_is_earl

    SPC Gear Presents SR400 Series of Gaming Chairs

    The arm rest of these type of chair will wore out in about a year. Buy real leather or avoid these type of chair.
  13. my_name_is_earl

    CORSAIR Teases DDR5-6400 Memory Coming Later This Year

    Early adopter get pegged. But it's a fun experience /lol
  14. my_name_is_earl

    NVIDIA RTX Voice Now Officially Supported on Non-RTX Cards

    One of the main reason I bought RTX card. This is good news.
  15. my_name_is_earl

    PowerColor Formally Launches Radeon RX 6700 XT Hellhound, Fighter, and Red Devil

    I stop caring for graphic card since last year. Either the scalper or the miners got them all. Can't find one at a descent price.