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    OFFICIAL Payday 2 (Discussion)

    I had to run through that 4 times because the cars wouldn't detect as being delivered even though the bumper was touching the container in deathwish
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    OFFICIAL Payday 2 (Discussion)

    The joceline is essentially a mosconi with the spray of a izma
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Going back to black and white film photography. Gotta love darkrooms and the smell of developer.
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    TPU's February 2015 WCG Challenge planning thread

    I got keys for Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Dead Space, and Mirrors Edge on Origin.
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    having trouble with asus warranty? look here

    I actually had a nice experience with ASUS support, most likely due to the fact that there is a local RMA depot that services ASUS and MSI products so I end up just dropping my stuff off there. On the other hand, they dont do a very good job of fixing your shit. First repair was a faulty ctrl...
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    Compooter cleaning juice!

    I live in Canada so shipping is going to cost an arm and a leg
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    Compooter cleaning juice!

    70% and 99% is all I have here as well. I always assumed that was the standard. I have access to 100% alcohol but I dont see when I would ever need that.
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    Shipping from Canada

    FedEx says its $70 to ship it to Warsaw, Poland from Toronto, Ontario. Don't think it's worth that...
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    what graphics cards are u guys using

    still running a 6950 (unlocked to 6970) and a GTX 570 on my main rigs. 550m, 750m on my laptops
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    Show Off Your WCG Badges

    I don't check the wcg section for a while (minus the giveaways that pop up on the recent discussions) and next thing i know [ion] is ranked first on the team.
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    WCG-TPU Team Captain's Christmas Giveaway! (2nd Edition)

    Congrats ya lucky butt! :clap:
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    Game giveaway: take these indies from my hands

    #3manygiveaways5me, ill take AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome. Also many thanks for the giveaway!
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    WCG-TPU Team Captain's Christmas Giveaway! (2nd Edition)

    ohhh free money. My Asian senses are tingling
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    Street Legal Racing: Redline sequel

    I loved this game when I was younger. I thought the graphics were fine back then, looking at it now um...
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    $25 mechanical keyboard

    hmm, I guess I was just lucky then.