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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Book Flex and Ion with Smartphone Wireless Charging Capability

    And likely retailing for over $3k all because it's Samsung.
  2. NC37

    Kingston Announces HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Ducky? Someone made a brand called "Ducky?" lolz
  3. NC37

    Microsoft Announces Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds

    Go2: Lets rehash almost the exact same machine as the first one but just tweak it here and there. Whatever they thought the point of making a 2nd Go before hardware advanced more... /facepalm
  4. NC37

    Intel Gen12 Xe iGPU Could Match AMD's Vega-based iGPUs

    Given that AMD has simply rehashed the same design since APUs began, it makes sense that Intel can catch them. The core problem is the Shared VRAM. AMD solves for it in consoles but does nothing for PC market. All Intel needs to do is solve for that and they can beat any APU. Which they have...
  5. NC37

    Logitech G604

    "High weight" as a con. Sigh, another fail review. Time and time again, gaming mouse reviewers always note that as a bad thing and it all stems to marketing. Pushing lighter every chance they get. "Lighter is better!" Lighter is not better, lighter = carpel tunnel. There are plenty of studies...
  6. NC37

    ESRB Updates Game Ratings to Include Loot Box Warnings

    lol, when was the last time you even paused to read the ESRB warning and why it gets the rating it does? I know as a kid, whenever I'd see M or MA13 or anything like that, I knew the game would be good because it would likely be violent or full of action. I never read the smaller print as to why.
  7. NC37

    Half Life: Alyx - The VR "Killer App" That Likely Wasn't

    Exactly and I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sony bombed big with the PSVR. If they would have enabled it to be used outside of PS4 and set the standard for entry level VR, we'd be seeing a different VR market today. Heck I would have likely bought one since the price was within reason...
  8. NC37

    Crucial P2 Announced: Company's Second QLC M.2 NVMe Client SSD

    Don't need more of this, what we need is high capacity drives without the insane cost. Crucial announced high caps then never brought them to market. 2TB MX500...where is it Crucial? Teased it but never delivered it.
  9. NC37

    XIGMATEK Unveils the Perseus Open-Frame Case

    The 90s called, they want their arcade machine back.
  10. NC37

    Which new console would you buy?

    Depends on the exclusives. Given each maker is making things very non exclusive, there is literally no point to get either.
  11. NC37

    Apple Announces the 2020 MacBook Air

    And when they do the ARM or Ryzen or whatever else they keep on being rumored to have, it'll start at the $999 price, which Apple will say is a "value." Heh.
  12. NC37

    Bill Gates Steps Down from Microsoft Board of Directors

    There's a vid on him speaking about using vaccines and health care to cut the world's population by 10-15%. His own foundation also put out a vid 2 months before Corona, detailing almost exactly how the later outbreak happens. After that he's a known member of a group of rich elites that started...
  13. NC37

    Valve Index VR back on Sale on Monday for $999

    When you really get into it and examine the cheaper sets, if it's not at least $500+, it's pretty much throwing money away. There is too much of a gap in quality and functionality for the prices. High end is definitely price gouging to some degree but there aren't competitors to help bring...
  14. NC37

    Apple to Launch Arm-Powered MacBook in the next 18 Months

    After Apple says the ARM switch will mean lower cost Macs. Can't forget that lie they pushed when they switched to x86. They got away with it once, they'll try again.
  15. NC37

    Intel Builds 10 million QLC 3D NAND Solid-State Drives

    And only going to get higher with the PS5/etc when those launch.