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    sz is only in hungarian it is sofia/софия not sz.
    bulgarians is ц=ts щ=шт=sht ю= you (dual sound that you said when say "you" in english) and ъ=to first sound in ugly.
    безопасно е за работа. можеш да го четеш направо на сайта или да изтеглиш тхт или б2б формат. сайта има проблеми с полицията заради натиск от книгоиздателските фирми който държат правата за чуждестранните романи издавани в бг, но не могат да го спрат защото оперира като библиотека и не извършва търговска дейност и нямат законово основание да го спрат. иначе е безопасен. много хора го ползват и администраторите не допускат да се качва нещо което би създало рискове за сигурността. има някой книги които не са преведени/редактирани по най-добрия начин но все пак стават за четене. цялата работа по сканирането/превода, осд анализа на картинките и редакцията на текстовете се извършва от доброволци.
    фирмата в която работя има огнена стена, антивирус и филтрация на интернет трафика но сайта минава без проблеми през него.
    Ya ofc, the online books of each. I had a quick look, havent seen that website before.
    brrrr, I have Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian in my head and it's complicate to know between the two xD I know vagabondul is romanian and I should remember cs words be hungarian -_- it's the sz that gets used between the two like szeged and szofia. skitnik sounds the funniest of the three.
    I should read the blurb for it, because it sounds uuuh... ne e bezopasno za rabota?
    simeonovosko wasnt so bad, a bit bland but the people around were nice enough. even the csavargo were polite enough. I think I got one a talon of bus tickets for 8 leva while I was outside mall szofia.
    I'll see if I can find ferfi ido film online sometime, sounds ominous :D
    Also Happy Bar and Grill, never been in one until I went to szofia, they had nice ?tintahal?(dont know if right)

    I learned to cook Hortobagy paliscinta while I was there too, ironic, as it wasnt even bulgarian food!
    About 2 years ago, spent a lot of time jumping between the soviet bloc countries while I had the freedom to do so :D I was staying on Simeonovsko blvd.
    I think I have read one of Hajtov's books before, it certainly rings a bell. Magyosnikat or something, reminded me of hungarian magyarul anyway.
    I haven't, what genre? Sounds depressing xD
    I spent a lot of time in the eastern bloc in and around Bulgaria, mainly stayed in Sofia and went to a few lectures in the Sofiyski universitet with a friend of mine, Dimitar.
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