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    Project Taara: Alphabet's Laser-based 20 Gbps Communication System Transmits 700 TB Over 5 Km

    Sounds more like you have a problem with environmentalists... Are you Rupert Murdoch?
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    Lian Li Launches Modular and Small-Sized O11 AIR MINI

    You think this mesh which is probably ~50% open blocks dust? Hair maybe, dust no way. Demci filters are less restrictive and genuinely filter dust. Give people the choice between no filtration and effective filtration instead of a middling ineffective restrictive option.
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    Lian Li Launches Modular and Small-Sized O11 AIR MINI

    "Mesh" "unrestricted ventilation" Tell me another fairytale. Bring back fully open fan mounts which we can put a grill on if we choose.
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    NVIDIA Crypto Mining Processor 170HX Card Spotted with 164 MH/s Hash Rate

    I think the cost to eth hashrate of these outperforms ASICs. When the goal is long term profit rather than casual mining whilst still being able to game these would make more sense and likely be more reliable.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5945WX and 5995WX Surface

    I don't think there is a 16-core part compatible with the WRX80 platform, and hence no octa-channel RAM.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Lineup Revealed

    Oh yes, must be why they bought Xilinx for 40bn... To maximise their liquid capital and return if they sell the business... Cos spending money and making acquisitions makes a company easier to sell. </s>
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    Intel Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" Memory Detailed, Resembles AMD 1st Gen EPYC: Decentralized 8-Channel DDR5

    Wow slow news day. I love the "Up to >100MB shared LLC" bit... so up to (upper bound) greater than (lower bound) 100MB. It's clear it's marketeers and not engineers that wrote this.
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    Intel Shows Off AAA Gaming Capabilities of Intel Arc "Alchemist" GPU

    I dunno, looks like low res texture, little/no anisotropic filtering, no AA, low shadow definition, little/no particle effects, areas with lower poly counts/draw distances. I am not convinced.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G APU Die Shots Published

    New Category of product: HEDT CPU with very high power delivery (400-500W) in STRX4 socket. only 16 CPU cores but full RDNA2 (or newer) die and 16GB HBM. Only high end watercooling need apply.
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    Alphacool Intros Rise Thermal Compound, HighFlow Indicator, and AlphaTube HF

    Would love to know the flow resistance of the flow indicator. Looks pretty smol.
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    EVGA Z590 DARK Motherboard Released to Retail at $600

    Probably for optimised trace lengths and signal integrity.
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    Acer Reports June Consolidated Revenues at NT$30.02 Billion, the Highest in Seven Years

    My Acer PE320QK was a great content creation monitor for the price!
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    Philips Announces 49" 165 Hz 498P9Z Monitor

    So basically a slightly cheaper Odyssey G9. Not bad. Hopefully none of the early teething issues those had.
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    ​LIAN LI Extends UNI FAN Line Up with the AL120

    This one actually looks like a 120mm fan instead of 100mm like the other uni fans.
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    Microsoft Extends Xbox Cloud Gaming to PCs and Apple Devices - Powered by Xbox Series X

    I've never played online competitive FPS because I don't like getting pwned. With everyone else having to battle the lag and being forced to use controllers maybe now I should.