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    Microsoft's incompetence or deliberate performance degradation

    I'm just amazed someone would by a dual-core Bulldozer based computer in 2018... Also, at least one of those updates addresses the speculative prediction vulnerabilities, performance decreases are to be expected.
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    Dying harddrives (can anyone read SMART values?)

    Nope, different manufacturers handle that differently. Seagate starts at 0 and counts up, Hitachi starts at the maximum and counts down.
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    Dying harddrives (can anyone read SMART values?)

    The first and third drives are 100% fine. The second drive has issues and should not be used. Let me give you a quick rundown of how to read those SMART readings. Relocated Sector Count, Current Pending Sector Count, and Uncorrectable Sector Count are all read as a percentage of life left...
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    QA Consultants Determines AMD's Most Stable Graphics Drivers in the Industry

    If you read these results, you'd think driver stability was actually a big problem, and it really isn't. It makes you think crashes are happening constantly, and I can say, using cards from both camps on a daily basis, that the reality is crashing is really uncommon. I can't even remember the...
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    Pay $160 for the AREZ Sticker: The Mess GPP Landed AIC Partners and Consumers in

    I'd blame this more on newegg's terrible pricing algorithm than anything else. New card, with only a few other models from other manufacturers, and it is only available at newegg right now generally leads to newegg trying to overcharge for it. I'd like to see what the price is in a few weeks...
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    There is a review of the inland SSD

    I read the review, my point was I didn't have to. Its not that I'm saying it is a bad drive, I'm just saying that is how DRAMless SSDs are, I expected it to be that way, and the review confirmed it. When you start to look at things like PCMark8, with real world work loads, this drive start to...
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    There is a review of the inland SSD

    "DRAMless" Didn't really have to read the rest of the review. It's cheap, but slow, but faster than a HDD.
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    QX6850 Extreme Restoration Blog

    There isn't a mechanism that detects what kind of connector you have connected, it just pulls the amount of power it needs. If it pulls too much power, the pins will get too hot and the connector will melt. The 4 extra pins just make sure that the connector won't melt under heavy power draw...
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    QX6850 Extreme Restoration Blog

    I sent the standard bolt-thru kits for 775, 115X, and AM2/3. Not the pressure vault kit, I bought the cooler before those game out.
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    Which OS with your Ryzen Motherboard?

    Windows 10 on every compute I own. Once I used Windows 10 for a month I could not go back to 7, Windows 7 is missing too many nice features and feels ancient compared to 10. Kind of like how XP felt after using 7 for a little while.
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    How to remove backing paper from custom vid card backplate?

    I can confirm, I've ordered a lot of custom cut acrylic and it almost always comes with the protective paper.
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    What coolant are you guys using?

    Yep, after his tantrum when people started complaining about the pastels changing color Mayhems went on my short list of companies that will never see my money.
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    What coolant are you guys using?

    Just a note, just because something is toxic to humans doesn't mean crap won't grow in it. I've seen loops running anti-freeze before just loaded with nasty algae gunk.
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    4C/4T vs 4C/8T vs 6C/6T

    I'm thinking of redoing these tests, but adding in the 6c/12t, as well as doing a few game tests. I'm thinking GTA:V, Cities Skylines, and FarCry5. In the end it is going to come down to pricing to determine if it was worth it or not. If we only look at K series skus, the 8350k is $185 and...
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    An Anthem for SLI: Bioware's New Universe in 60 FPS 4K Run on Two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti GPUs

    Vote with your wallet only works if a significant number of the people buying the product stop, but the fact is SLI, and even Crossfire, users make up a very small percentage of the people buying these games. So the game companies don't even notice the lost sales. This is the first generation...