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  • 'Flesh, I miss yah man. No netz anymore and trying to find an alternate provider for broadband is killin' me. I really don't want to go back to dial-up. TXT me whenever bro!
    oops, lol, was just trying to clean this up and didn't realize it would leave all of those "This message has been deleted by nflesher87." lol
    sorry for crapping your thread, but i dont back down from flames. repost it if you want, i wont be venturing back into it i promise.
    awww, look at the oh so happy couple! by the way it looks, I'd be scared to even walk down a dark alley with ya! Don't know what you'd do to the robbers!
    No log or pics. Can't find camera. And if you like the score I posted last night, wait till you see the one I post tonight. :D I put it on it's own h2o loop this afternoon. At 1.42V, it peaks at about 45C in 3DMark06. It hit 65 on 1.31V with the stock cooler at 100%.
    not bad pancho long time no talk :)

    ok Paul, I still have it posted, I think your main problem is the coolink cooler, people only see 165 shipped for a 3870 and don't care about the cooler...
    Hey man. I got an offer on the 3870. It was too low though, and the 9800GTX is a little out of my price range and need right now.
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